Best Krieg build for a level ~20 Krieg vs Bloodwing?

As someone who has beaten the game nearly thirty times now - over half of those as Krieg - Bloodwing still gets me stuck for weeks on end. I tried Bloodlust, couldn’t survive, tried Hellborn, he resists f*cking everything, tried Mania, melee doesn’t do any good. Mostly I end up just lobbing axes at him and crossing my fingers, which works after like a month of ragequitting. As a veteran of BL2 warfare this is shameful. Tips?

you could go murder Boll a few times for an explosive fastball and blow her up like that,
just get some kind of decent splash weapon you can kill the skags with and grab Bloodbath for grenade regen, or go mania for Strip the flesh, either should work

you could farm savage lee for an unkempt harold

Use a Heartbreaker for non fire phases and a good quad for his fire phase. He should go down fast.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not it’s in his loot pool, iirc. Two weeks of farming seems to confirm it for me, unless there’s been an announcement made I hadn’t heard about.

Yeah, I figured Heartbreaker would be best bet against his other phases. I have a corrosive RokSalt, think that’d do the trick?

I would stick with something that has a fast fire rate like a Jakobs. A two shot Quad would be ideal for melting him.

The Harold on savage lee?
he drops it, you may be confused with boll