Best Launcher with Krieg is

Lets play a little game. Tell me your opinion, and i will prove you wrong if it’s not what I’m thinking of.


One day a rocket launcher dated a shotgun, it ended in things. When all was said and done the Badaboom was born.


Awesome one, but NOPE.


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The Creamer? Moxxi’s third biggun?


also when ya’ll give up, ill tell u. I have a good explanation as well.


I didn’t think anyone would guess to be honest, this means you are a truly skilled Krieg player.

Maybe yes or not :grin:
Just guessing from my observation and experience with Krieg. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tediore E-tech launchers do WAY more damage than Norfleets, Badabooms, u name it. Also they consume 0 AMMO! Literally an infinity.



Only Rocket Launchers that do not consume ammo are Vladof, and that’s only after every second shot…

You are obviously not familliar with the overpowered leg. psycho build. It uses blood filled guns and reloads to literally consume no ammo and one-shot every non-raidboss enemy in the game.

Still uses ammo from your stock…
BFG does not reduce ammo consumption, only increases mag size to extreme heights.
And neither do Tediore launchers.

I am and like @0takuMetalhead said, you’re still using rocket ammo no matter the RL you’re using. The only way you cannot use RL ammo is to combine a RL with the Infinity, but that’s not something you can get in-game.

Jesus people, noboby seems to know the trick lol. Basically u get a stacking grenade with 0.0. delay and u hold your launcher. when u gain extra mag size, u reload. No ammo used. Then u wait about a second for stacks to decay, (DO NOT USE BOILING BLOOD! it is very important u don’t!) then when your mag size is reduced, u stack again, reload and so one.

Uh-huh. Unless I see video where you show your ammo pool before and afterwards, I won’t believe you. In fact, I’m going to go check that “trick” out myself.

Mind if you notify me about it? Cause the whole story is really, really fishy.

Wow, u people REALLY need to start being nicer and actually believe what others are saying.