Best legendary class mod for fl4k

Hi everyone,

I’ve tested a few of these now for crit builds ( deadeye / bounty hunter / stalker) but I still can’t figure out which one is actually the best?

Also, are the optimal increases still jakobs damage / crit damage post nerf or would it be better to go for boosts to lluda / cov weapons (due to lack of magazine)?



Really depends. I run with 2 mods. One for Boss and one for Mob.

w/ Red Fang (mobs)
Gamma Build:

w/ Bounty Hunter (boss) Gypsy uses: Collector Cosmic Stalker (mob+boss)


For the crit build I use a bounty hunter mod for boss farming. For mobbing I like to use the bounty hunter for a couple seconds to trigger my kill skills and then switch to a cosmic stalker because at that point I usually find a badass within 2 minutes


I like the Bounty Hunter and De4deye coms the best. Bounty Hunter is a bit better for bossing, and De4deye for mobbing, but when it comes down to it, I would say go with whatever has the best secondary stats since they are pretty random, and can make more of an impact than the skills and red text bonus.

My De4deye has 45% jakobs crit and 10% jakobs damage, so I use it for everything, as it will easily outperform any of my other coms in any scenario, but I am relegated to Jakobs weaponry (which really doesn’t bother me. I loves me some jakobs guns)


Thanks all really good advice. Another question - recurring hex or mirv - which is better?

I think recurring is better, but I do not rlly use my grenades except for stripping shields so Im not 100% sure. Im not that big of a fan of the deadeye com because I dont go for 1 shot kills and id rather increase my hunter skills by a pretty hefty amount with the cosmic stalker over getting some two f4ng.

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We ought to start a thread showing which legendary com goes best with which build.

I have three legendary coms and I’m always wondering if I’m using the best one for the Rakk build. I’m using the one that does more damage if the targets health is over 75%.

I’ve been farming katagawa jr for the rest of them all week but no luck so far. Although I do have legendary coms for my Moze, Amara and Zane’s now :slight_smile: So I’ve got that going for me.

Which is nice.

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Good suggestion. I will do just that.

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The De4deye seems nice for rakk attack yes, Id personnaly never use the rakk commander one because the skills it boosts are not that great. also two f4ng boost means you will hit more crits which in turn means you will have your action skill back up faster


Bounty Hunter mod. Bosses are counted as all 3 enemy types. And 3% chance to activate any purchased hunter skill just by doing gun damage. With the propper build it can help you melt bosses

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In that case, is it worth respeccing into as many hunter kills skills as possible instead of the ‘classic’ crit build selection hunter?

I was about to start another topic but this one seems to be popping lol.

Thanks for all info / advice so far by the way everyone.

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I basically never spec into second intention but I do spec into the damage bonus kill skills in basically every build I use yes

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Its mainly the most dangerous game and interplanetary stalker that you are looking to proc and I believe basically every crit build runs those skills anyway


My hunter mod gives 3 points to frenzy. So that’s nice, not even spending any points in that tree but i still get 20% gun damage boost from the coms points.


Is that cosmic stalker or one of the others?

I run GOD SLAYER BOUNTY HUNTER for literally everything

+3 most dangerous game
+2 hunters eye

most dangerous game gets you 50% gun damage, 20% crit, and 50% handling. Pair that with a high ROF weapon (Preferably Lucians call for crit ammo return) and you’ll max out your stacks of Furious attack and IP stalker too. This thing WRECKS!

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Rabid bounty hunter. +2 hunters eye, +3 frenzy.

Cheers for this, I have some bounty hunter mods but they are far from optimum. I’m building a moze character for m3 / endgame stuff anyway due to general frustration with all the nerfs.

However, fl4k still seems to be an efficient boss burner for farming, especially in m2 with GITM.

Does anyone have a current GitM / fade away build that would work well against chunky bosses? Do I just stick the points from LNT into persistance or is there a better way to integrate with bounty hunter mod.

Also i much prefer tyreen to graveward as the hellwalker damage can be used to completely stall her attacks. Is anyone else finding this or am i just not doing graveward correctly?

We’re getting really in depth with Min-maxing Fl4k over in this thread! Mobs, bosses, and arenas are covered

For graveward i use a fire luciens call. It can still kill him in a single magazine because crits return 2 bullets to the mag.