Best Loadout for a lvl 57 on UVHM

I cant manage to make it very far without dying 20 thousand times.

If you let us know which character, what your current build is, and what gear you currently have, you’ll get better advice. You’re in the rough spot of UVHM where build really matters as much as gear. Use this site to fill out your current build, then copy and paste the resulting link:

I’ll also get you moved to the appropriate character section.


i have zero


You’re in luck then, as a number of the regulars are active Zer0 experts! I see you’re going for what looks like a gun/sniper build. Paging @Jefe, @Sun_Tsunami (and any others who want to chip in).

Meanwhile, there’s some UVHM Zer0 specific play tips here:


thx, I will use this as much as posible.

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It may have gotten long in the tooth, but this thread will probably answer a lot of your questions.


Looking at your build it’s really hard to make a call without knowing what sort of guns you’re using. So can you provide that and what Class mods do you currently have access to?

First up I’d recommend doubling down on skills and scrapping the 2 points here, 3 points there approach. Zero is a great specialist. So for example if you’re going Snipers: this is a good place to start. And if you’re going shotguns then this makes more sense as a starting layout.


That was the thread I started. Has A LOT of great info from the knowledgeable people here. It got me through UVHM and even into early OP levels. When I started I also died a lot. Now I can say that it’s on rare occasion that even go into FFYL. I’m not a great player by any means, but using the info I’ve gotten here I’ve improved 200 %. These folks know what they are talking about.

Stick with it, it gets easier.


thank you for the sniper build info, i understand the fact that you didnt put any points on tw0 fang because it can cause you to waste a shot.

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what if i use both? is their a skill build for that?

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If you’re willing to use Melee, here is what I’d recommend :

Get yourself a good Ninja COM, preferably a blue one that boosts Backstab and Killing Bl0w. Then farm for a bladed Rubi, a Love Thumper and a Rapier (all of these are quest rewards so it should be pretty easy).

As soon as you level up, max out Quick Hands. Then go down the Sniping tree to get Headsh0t, Killer and B0re; then spec the 3 remaining points wherever you want.

Melee Zer0 is slightly more complicated than Sniper Zer0 in terms of execution, but if you just learn the basics (go for Backstabs, use your Kunai) you’ll be able to decimate enemies while staying out of sight. You will still need decent weapons though, as you can’t just Melee everything in the game.

If you have further questions feel free to ask. Good luck on your adventure mate ! :smile:


If you’re using both then I’d probably take the shotgun build and take the points from killing blow or Two fang and put them in at one with the gun.

However remember these are just guides and good places to start, it’s worth experimenting, your playstyle and what you have available will be the bigger dictator’s of what’s the best build at any given time.


Late to the party…

No build is complete without a COM. What COM(s) are you using?

What other gear are you currently using?

What are you using for healing?

Whatever build you’re going for, make points for Grim.
Get your 26 points in Cunning, 5/5 in Killing Blow and Grim, then Headshot, Killer and Bore.
Followthrough is a fantastic survival skill too - take it!
Fill out the rest depending on preference.
The three-pointers are to be either filled out or emptied depending on play-style and gear.

  • Going for high rate-of fire (SMG, assault rifles, pistols)? Go for Rising Shot and Two Fang.
  • Big shotguns? Go for Unforseen.

Other skills :

  • Optics - nope (except for sniper - then it’s actually sort of ok)
  • Precision - great but only worth it when boosted by a COM imo - particularly good for shotguns
  • Velocity - every point makes a big difference. It’s one of the few skills in the game where you can get away with one or two points
  • One Shot One Kill - specifically for shotguns and snipers
  • Kill Confirmed, At One w/ the Gun, CA - this is entering sniper territory (although KC is great for shotguns too)
  • Counter Strike - abusing this takes practice - leave it for now
  • Fearless - nope
  • Iron Hand, Be Like Water, Resurgence, Like the Wind - offer very little in real benefit. They have their place though
  • Execute - critical for melee, but a very good skill for getting into a position for a shot. Get this skill at some point for sure
  • MMF - melee only - for later

Also @Enderborn1 , as awesome as melee is, I specifically avoid bringing it up if people are already struggling with Zer0.


I’m no expert, but I would like to opine here. I like @Prismatic’s shotgun template. I’d take that, blend in a little of @Jefe’s advice by taking the points out of Two Fang and putting them in Grim, the next point in Execute (it’s good for more than melee), after that I would be building into the com I was wearing (respeccing is cheap, so I wouldn’t sweat point distribution and com too much). I usually snipe to thin the herd, spray the field with slag and then follow that with lots of buckshot. If that’s how you like to roll too then I think that would serve you well for a while.

This is very true. The com you want to use, or are using, could substantially change the advice you are given, and could potentially alter the way you approach each engagement.


The only advice I would give is that if you’re totally committed to guns for the moment, use the shotgun build @Prismatic linked in his post, remove the 5 points from Killing Blow, max out Rising Shot and split the other 4 points between Velocity and Precision, both of which should help with shotguns, especially the heavy hitters like Jakobs and Torgue (don’t forget to stop by Lynchwood to get a (possibly) updated Deputy’s Badge as well)…

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Hmh, you really don’t want to spread your points out like that. Some skills should always be 5/5. Fast hands, Ambush, Headshot, Killer, Killing blow and Grim (unless going for MMF melee). You want to stay as far away from optics as you can since that skill does absolutely nothing. Fearless is basically something you can throw extra points into at max level for gun builds if you have any. Counterstrike is complete waste of points if you aren’t specced into all the good melee skills. Unforeseen is very effective at killing weaker stuff outright and majorly denting meatier things with slag and kunai. Rising shot is a beautifully strong gun damage boost that any Zer0 that’s shooting guns wants. I’m assuming you’re using snipers since you went to the end of the sniping tree but you really don’t need AOWTG or critical ascension at this point and those points would be better spent improving your overall damage output with other skills.

I’d try for this maybe

One point in precicion is for possible COM boosts. Next item on the agenda from there on would be maximizing one shot, one kill. You can take the point out of execute if you don’t feel like taking it right now. You can also put the followthrough points into two fang if you feel like that’s up your alley.