Best Loadout for Attikus?

Just want to get some opinions on the best loadout for Attikus. I’m currently running Attack Damage, Attack Speed and Maximum Health (sometimes swap for shield strength) He’s the first melee character I’ve actually gotten into and want to know what others use with him!

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If I’m running solo, I try and get as much attack speed and healing in as I can stack and go full lifesteal, even at the expense of the all powerful tenacity and let charged hook make up the difference.

However, premade it’s all attack speed and damage.

With the healing kit in one brawl I actually matched the healing of a Miko once the sentry finally brought me down we were both at over 5k heals.

I run his legendary (Attack damage) Attack speed and skill damage which also boosts attack speed

Im currently working on his lore so I can get it

5k heals?! holy crap

Yeah, in fairness I would have been stopped cold at around 800 heals without Miko with three players and a sentry on me

if you have the life steal from all of your powers stacked and kill a major/player you get all your stacks back you can lifesteal very well.

but it’s a perfect storm situation and you need good support to keep up your assault.

Going in a very good direction with him. He gets so so powerful when you grab the 7th helix for 20% attack speed. I would also look out for a gear that does 8-9% of attack speed and then another 5% or so for landing a Melee hit. He deals so much DPS when it comes down to that.

I’m running attack speed, mov speed and health regen +health regen with all skills down. Being that big his shield never last longer than a few seconds so you will get hit. He doesn’t neet attack damage gear thanks to THAT helix.

I find Attikus the best jungler in the game. He has the perfect camera position to crit the hell out of the ouctast Thralls. This + 60% extra damage and You can obliterate them in less than 12s.

Other than that, I usually get into the fray just to pop ultimate throw a few punches around, scatter the enemies and run for my life.