Best Loadout? 🤔

i’m not sure if this topic has been made already or if it’s just common sense, but i was wondering what’s the best loadout gear for deande? i’ve been playing her a lot recently, and so far, i love her! however, i’m curious to know the best way to use her?

She’s one of the classes where play style can determine what you want in the build.
For advanced PvE this is what I use as Master of Deande:

Shard Extractor, +2.10 shard per second, 420 activation cost

Legendary Chrono Key,-7.00% cooldown Time +7.00% Heal Power
Reduce all active skill cooldowns by 1 second for every 2000 damage you deal.
1800 Activation cost

Legendary Fan of the Retreat, +8.40% Attack Speed, -3.60% cooldown time.
Deande only: Activating holotwin causes your shields to immediately begin charging.
1800 Activation cost

For me, I run 3 pieces of gear that all increase attack speed. A white %9.8 attack speed/ green attack damage/attack speed on melee hit, green skill damage + attack speed (after minor enemy killed?). Although I mostly end up playing her as a harasser/distraction/support. So I was thinking more about stackin shield/health gear to see how that goes.

…I’ve tried stacking on her (That doesn’t even sound right)

Anyway, are you sure it was working? I couldn’t in any way test a diff.

Pretty sure it worked, it’s more noticeable when throwing fans, have not actually done any sort of tests, so I can’t be certain.

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@wisecarver that’s what i thought! therefore i’ve been using gears that decrease her cooldown, increase her dmg/attack speed, and health. i like to decrease her cooldown because i depend on holotwin A LOT in order to escape nasty situatians like being double teamed /or from destroying the other team’s turrent :joy:

I can’t remember the names of these legendaries but I sent a text to my buddy with the stats, I use this for pretty much any of my melee characters, keep in mind I am a notorious shard whore so the first 8 minutes of a match or so I’m running around getting rich…but then…

+9.05% Critical Hit Damage
+4.83% Attack Speed
Once every 5 seconds, a critical melee hit will Blind the target.

+9.80 Attack Damage
+5.60% Attack Speed
Stack +0.98% Attack Damage with every melee hit. Max 10 stacks.

+5.11% Movement Speed
+5.11% Attack Speed
Melee attacks will Slow an enemy once every 3.0 seconds.

it becomes ridiculously fun once you have all 3 going

I use a 0 activation shard generator on all characters so there’s a good start.

As Deande your niche is survival, she’s very hard to kill and passively life-steals back to full health pretty quickly when throwing fans. Because of this I use the Symbiotic Gauntlet:
9.80% attack damage
5.60% movement speen (Deande is slow so this is noticeable)
9.80% attack damage based on % of max health remaining. More health, more damage.

I also use her legendary, the Fan of the Retreat. Her cooldowns are long and her attack speed slow so it has two very nice buffs. Also the recharging shield upon activation of Holotwin is a way of increasing survivability in situations where you need to pop Holotwin to escape or when sneaking behind an enemy for a Burst Dash. If you take the shield strip at level 4, you can Burst Dash then pop decoy for instant shields though try to do it in reverse order to reap the benefits from her passive, but sometimes in the heat of battle you have to change tactics and use Burst Dash as a finisher then cloak away and regenerate shields quickly.

Since you use these three items perhaps you could answer this long overdue question: Do Deande’s thrown fans work as melee hits for the purpose of activating the unique effects on these items?

This will be most noticeable with the slow on Boots of the Brute and damage increase from Vow of Vengeance.

as far as I have noticed, no they do not count as melee hits. Admittedly though I haven’t used deande much recently, mostly been phoebe and kelvin. I will try to do some testing in a private match the next time I am playing and will update once I can confirm

Kelvin with VoV and BotB is NASTY! Sublimate assassin.

@Slif_One @drummerjhewitt19
i appreciate the two of you lol
i definitely have a better idea of deande and how people have been choosing to play her + now we’re moving even further to help each other out! :sob::heartpulse:

As a cheaper alternative, attack speed FTW. Thrown fans are underused and underrated, take the damage increase at level 3 and stack attack speed/damage and let them fly for outrageous DPS at range!

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honestly that sounds crazy fun! i’ll definitely try that out.

I agree her thrown fans are underrated, they have gotten me quite a few kills. I typically just spam them out into a battle until I see a moment to sneak in.

I love me some kelvin lol, with the extra damage to slowed enemies on chomp, it gets dirty fast lol

…Indeed! Even in Advanced Story mode the boss Thrall go down if you dance around them while using those and they stay stunned.

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I made a 3 legendary build for her just for fun but if you get all 3 you are absolutely the most lethal person on the field.

First Vow of Vengeance
second Boots of the Brute
Third Fan of Retreat

Almost the same as @drummerjhewitt19 but the Fan instead of the critical damage

I build a loadout completely focused on Attack Speed, as I play her very similar to this build:

  • Ocular Implant (I could probably switch this for an Ability Catalyst with the same secondary Stat.)
    +10.50% Critical Hit Damage
    +5.60% Attack Speed for 5 seconds after landing a Melee hit
    (714 Shards)
  • “Hurricane”
    +9.80% Attack Speed
    +5.60% Attack Speed for 5 seconds after landing a Critical hit
    (924 Shards)
  • Vow of Vengeance
    (Don’t know the exact stats of mine right know.)
    (1800 Shards)

Comes down to 3438 Shards total activation cost and works pretty good until now.
The Critical Hit Damage + Attack Speed on Critical Hit are a nice buff to her thrown fans.
Although I have to say that I haven’t finished her lore yet, so I’ll probably rework this loadout when I get her Legendary.
Also, I think a Movement/Sprint Speed item would be a major improvement.

Kind of off topic but is it possible to get her legendary twice? I got it before they they patched the whole character legendaries are not going to have random stats anymore.