Best Long Range Engagement Grenade?

I have been practicing my Skills as a Zer0 with Long Range Sniping as I did like NO Long Range sniping as a Commando.

And there are situations where I’d like to add to the effectiveness of my Sniper Ammo by some “softening up” on long range enemies with Grenades.

The obvious one to me is Magic Missiles…the Purple X4 Variety as they will slag as well as rebuild my grenade inventory.

But I got to thinking that a Longbow Meteor Shower which just tears the S*** out of everything (including YOU if you are too close…LOL).

Or a Longbow Stormfront…

Might also be a way to go…

Thoughts anyone???

Any of those would work, but I would go with a singularity/Quasar so you can bunch them up and bore them before they have a chance to engage you. Remember Bore does more damage the more targets it goes through unless I’m mistaken.


Really great catch…forgot about Bore…

I guess it would depend on distance the enemies are from one another…whether a Singularity or Quesar would have the umph to group them.

Whereas a Meteor Shower…Who cares…EXPLOSIONS!!!


I would choose either the Meteor Shower, Quasar, or Magic Missiles depending on what you are aiming for and where you are at. If you find yourself in cramped corridors such as the inside of Hyperious’ hidey hole or other areas where enemies have walls around them the Meteor Shower will tear them apart as the mini-grenades won’t bounce as far.

As mentioned by Gulfwulf the Quasar can be used to milk Bore which does more damage the more enemies the bullets pass through. I am sure the Quasar would work nicely with the Pimpernal.

Magic Missiles have a mind of their own and tend to slag whatever they want, plus the grenades are bit on the slow side but the regeneration and their ability to home in on a target is a plus.

Just grab one of each and test them out and pick one that best suits you.

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If you can get good with it, you could try to nail people with a Fastball. But I think that the Meteor Shower would be a good choice, given how easy it is to get one, and the damage it presents.

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Depends on my uses. I personally like grenades of the “Homing Sticky” variety, I play “run and gun” Zer0, so with grenades I am usually throwing from cover or while running to it. So that prefix applies to all grenades below where applicable. Also you can throw it around corners, so you can lead the charge.

Bonus Package - I prefer this over Meteor shower. Stats wise they are the same, but MS has a different tragectory, more vertical. This means the child grenades are more focused at ground zero AND take longer to fall/explode. I like the bigger spread of BP. I throw one or two of this in leading my charge, though it is good to soften them up for sniping too.

Quasar - Throw this AFTER the BPs. Groups the remaining baddies nicely for my DPUH (or Bearcat :wink: )

Slag O-Negative - This is my “Oh ■■■■” grenade, when I am facing a big (singular) baddy and need to soften him, get health, and slag at one time.

Fastball - Cause sometimes you just gotta hurt stuff.

I’ve never gotten my hands on a Storm Front, I think yinz are making it up :smile: . If I had one I could comment on it better.

I think someone did a comparison one time and the Meteor Shower actually had better stats…

Higher damage and more child grenades…with a change to the trajectory like you mentioned.

I could be wrong on this but it made that grenade sooooo great because of this AND you could get it so easily.

Huh, just Checked the Wiki, you are right. I just based it off my in game comparison. So I got a crappy MS. :smile:

As Axton…with an Explosive Damage Relic and Grenade Damage Bonuses Specced…

With any kind of decent Meteor Shower…

I could literally start the Beatdown by throwing my Turret, hurl six MSs…and watch the carnage.

Then stroll through at my leisure…LOL

Sounds fun!

Or…just hurl a bunch into Pete’s Bar Fight…

All the explosions can literally bring even a high end vid card on a PC to it’s knees…LOL

And it clears the bar…quick…LOL

I like to lead areas like those (lots of cover, nooks crannies) with Quasar, BP (MS in this case), then Quasar.

For laid back sniping (as in, climbing up to some rooftop and picking off an unsuspecting mob at your leisure with critical headshots), try a slag Transfusion (if the grenades do the killing, you’re not sniping so much). Longbow trigger with the lowest fuse time is best here.

Toss the grenade near the enemy you want hit; not so close that the main grenade’s detonation hits them (or they’ll become aggro), and not so far that the child grenades can’t find it. As soon as you toss the grenade, go into Decepti0n, making sure to toss your hologram somewhere the enemies can’t see it (usually behind you), and aim down your sights (get the Kill C0nfirmed stacks going).

When the child grenades hit the enemy while you’re in Decepti0n, the enemy won’t become aggro. Wait till the last second for the higher Decepti0n damage and pop your now slagged enemy. If you kill it in one shot, the other enemies won’t become aggro; enjoy the reload bonus from Killer (to keep 0ne Sh0t, 0ne Kill on deck), maybe a little cooldown bonus (from Grim), and go after another.

You only get to do this as many times as you have grenades, but once you max out your grenade slots, you can drop much of a mob this way. It’s a fun challenge to see how many you can clear before you slip up and they see you. Not that they won’t “forget” you if you lurk in the distance long enough, but still.

There are tons of places to do this, but I think the Beatdown is my favorite - lots of very high rooftops there.


Ha…sounds fun as heck!!

Sticky Longbow Bonus Package. It’s my go-to grenade for quite literally everything. Other options are the Fastball, or any of the magic spell grenades from TTAoDK.

Agree on the BP for this role…but would not a Meteor Shower be slightly better…higher Damage and more Child Grenades???

Bonus Package is way easier to aim, especially at longer ranges.

If they both have longbow fuses, do they still aim differently somehow?

This is interesting…I did not realize that at all…have never used a longbow MS…only homing.