Best Loot Run you've had?

Just ran Overlook, trying to grab some Glitched weapons. With Wilhelm, and got that (probably) once in a lifetime run. Started with a Double Drop from the Earworm, and amazingly (Thanks, RNG, for once!) got Three Glitched on-level drops from Denial Sub Routine, along with an under leveled Dastardly Luck Cannon. Then found another couple glitched weapons in the other Glitched boxes as I finished cleaning up the circuit. Anyone have similar luck? I’m feeling like I need to go buy some Lottery Tickets today…


Never that good, dam. My luckiest was getting two Thingy s in a row while killing Iwajira for Moonstones.

I really need to spend more time with Wilhelm. Ran Overlook again, got a Glitched sniper from the Chest after the Earworm, then got Three on-level glitched weapons from DSR, along with a Hard Jack O’Cannon. Not quite the run that made me post initially, but compared to the probably 50 runs with other characters, definitely stellar.