Best Loot + Stats for Passive Movement Speed?

Not too long ago I found a Loaded Dice with a 14% movement speed bonus, stacks decent with my Zane.

That said, I was curious if this is the highest potential bonus. I love movement speed buffs, but I’m not fond of the snowdrift- makes my hand cramp to keep switching between crouch and sprint. So was wondering what the highest buff was that other players have found so I know what to keep an eye out for, if it can be higher. If not, general speed boosting item recommendations are appreciated.

A x3 Vagabond shield will get you +24% movement speed. The Super Soldier is 1% faster at +25%.
Crader’s EM-P5 will get you another +25%.
I’m not sure what the max is on an artifact, but I definitely have one with a +27% movement speed, so it’s at least that much.

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For the most speed possible I think a x2 movement speed Snowdrift Berserker Rush would be it

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