Best Maliwan Shotgun on Moze?

Working on a Maliwan Company Man Build

Super Strong choices for SMG’s
Plasma Coil
Kybs Worth

I mean any of those SMGs seem t do just fine on Moze with top 3 (to me) being Plasma Coil, Flipper, Kybs Worth.

And Pistol is the New Free Radical

But what is considered the “best” Maliwan shotgun on Moze right now?? Trevonator??

The Blind Sage I think has the highest damage out the barrel? If you manage to catch an enemy in Vosk’s Deathgrip properly, it wrecks face, but that’s… not usually Moze’s playspeed. I might go with an Insider? No charge time (like a Trevonator, but auto instead of burst), where her ammo regen might have a chance to add a couple rounds to the mag.

I’ve never used a Maliwan shotgun with Moze… can she sprint while a shot is charged with Rush’n Offensive?

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The Trevonator and Insider are both great choices. I prefer the Trev, but the Insider is really good on Moze as well. I can’t really think of any other candidates right now although I am sure there are some. The Terminator is pretty good but not on Mayhem 10.


Trevonator would be my top pick followed by Insider.


No clue my friend. I rarely spend any points on Rushin Offensive. Never really gotten it to work with my slow a$$ed playstyle.

Will check it out.

I kind of like the idea of an Auto Shotgun given the way I am stacking magazine bonuses to keep the SMGs constantly firing…and Company Man and Super Soldier makes them fire…FAST.

Already have a great Trevonator…need to go back to the DLC and get an Insider.

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The trevonator is so insane on moze. Every shot fires a 3 burst, every pellet gets FITSD and counts towards Short Fuse predetermined procs, plus it has 2 elements, big enough mag, and most of all it’s my favourite gun in bl3. So strong.

The blind sage I guess It doesn’t do splash at all so it’s a no.

For the Insider, I found that the x5/6 version performs better on moze than the x10 one, probably has something to do with SF but I won’t say if so or in which manner, I don’t really know

I really wish we had a legendary based on the Maliwan Terminator but carrying splash dmg


Tried nothingness? The trevonator is probably your best bet.

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Farmed up an X2 Insider…Shock and Corrosion.


With a Super Soldier, all the splash bonuses and a Maliwan Company Man.

And multiple magazine perks stacked.

It jumps around like a Mexican jumping bean…

But Lordy does it put out the hurt!

And with the Super Soldier and all of Moze’s regen perks and all those magazine bonuses….it never runs dry!

It came with a 300/90 anoint but I think I might change it to consecutive hits the way I can just keep putting out a continuous stream of shotgun rounds.