Best manufacturer in bl2

So you know there are a lot of videos, discussions and pages on the best manufacturer. I believe that most of those videos are for beginners, wanting to know which brand of guns they should be looking for. Later in the game, we get more experienced and understand brand isn’t about how good, but what it does and how to capitalize on that.

But this discussion is not suited for the ones learning, this one should be a discussion. My goal for this thread is for all opinions to be given and for us to collectively figure out which is the best manufacturer. Not for which one you should try to look for, but the one you would keep if all the other ones disappeared. My argument is below.

Bandit. Ooh bandit. There are a lot of good bandit guns. The sawbar, Jolly Roger, tattler, Slagga and others. But otherwise? Idk. Tattler is good but sandhawk? Slagga I have been told is very good but I have never seen a YouTubed use it instead of the grog nozzle. Maybe you have, but I have seen a lot of videos. Jolly Roger I think is beaten by conference call, a decently easy gun to acquire. Sawbar, is good. Very good, but I would put this one at the lowest. The shields are good. The Hide of terramorphous, the love thumper, and order are all very good. But it still does not save the manufacturer

Dahl, lots of people love Dahl! And I don’t know why. I don’t have a problem with Dahl frankly, except for sniper rifles. I enjoy the burst fire feature, but I find myself not using a lot of Dahl weapons. The sandhawk is in my opinion the best SMG in the game, but I can’t find any others. Hornet is good, maybe veruc, but can you tell me any others? Plus they have the WTF shield…

Torgue has one of the best pistols in the game. The dpuh. But unfortunately that is mostly it. The swordsplosion is also pretty good, maybe the nukem, possibly the ogre, but thats kinda it. It also includes the evil smasher, the tunguska, and the worst grenade mod ever, captain blades midnight star. Oh well.

Jakob’s. At first providing great weapons but then…
I find that late game, every single weapon needs to be elemental or have some very good attribute towards it. Jakobs does include the twister, the orphan maker, the rough rider, and the bekah, which saves the manufacturer. These guns and shield are great early to mid to late game and some are exceptional in their respective class. Well done jakobs.

Tediore. I considered putting this one before Jakobs, but nah. The baby maker, the avenger, the gunerang, the blockhead, the omen, and the absolutely amazing fastball are all here. Furthermore, their aren’t any horrible guns except for the bunny and retcher in tediore. Very solid manufacturer.

Now we are getting good. In number three, vladof. Vladof have high fire rate guns which usually are very good. Guns like the stinger, infinity, lyuda/white death, topneaa, hail, kitten, rapier, the sham, and lead storm all come from vladof. The only bad ones? The patriot, and maybe the shredifier. Thats all. Valdof is great.

Number 2? Hyperion. I used to think Hyperion sucked. But it does not. Guns like the fibber, lady fist, heart breaker, logans gun with sham, bitch, conference call, longbow, actualizer, interfacer and butcher all come from one single great manufacturer. The bad ones? Yes there are quite a few, but also many game changers. Oh, did I also mention the bee? Yeah, the bee.

And finally, my all time fav, mother trucking maliwan. Guns like the PBFG, the rubi, grog nozzle, bad and good touch, pimpernel, hive, hellfire, volcano, norfleet, and floretine all come from maliwan. Oh, grenade mods and shields? How about the O-negative, chain lightning, magic missile, flame of the firehawk and antagonist come from maliwan. Im not even going to talk about the bad ones because Im so happy.

And your thoughts? You robably disagree with all my statements, but please reply.

An until I see you enxt time. Good bye.



I think if you want to get any sort of definitive list you are going to need to be more precise about how things are being waited, EG:

  • Are we talking purely end game, or does leveling count? For instance a Ravager and a Vladof mini gun barreled AR are both great leveling guns but seldom are they relevant to end game build discussions, and the Bekah and Butcher are the exact opposite.
  • Are we giving mobbing and raiding gear equal status? This is a big factor on arguments such as Jakobs vs Tediore.
  • Where do we stand in a quantity or quality debate? For instance Hyperion is one of the most consistent manufacturers from gun to gun but doesn’t have a Pimpernel or Norfleet level gun. While Maliwan makes some of the best guns in the game but the Snider and Rakehell(I think that’s the Vladof barrel sniper?) is probably their only relevant non unique gear.

Now for some counter points to what you have presented already:

To rate Tediore above Jakobs is a very top heavy approach. Jakobs provides some really good high tier guns as you listed(+Maggie), however what you’re failing to consider is that guns such as the Muck, Daiub, Coach Gun, Quad and Gattling gun are among the most powerful non uniques in the game. Tediore by comparison lacks punch for most setups. The blockhead, omen and fastball are exceptions to the rule but pretty much every other tediore gun requires you to build and play to the guns strengths. Jakobs by comparison can be used as both a secondary weapon to a build, or as the main weapons. This is a versatility that is important to consider.

I think you you severely underrate how good bandit guns can be. The Tattler is one of the most powerful SMG’s in the game, The Badaboom is another brilliant weapon. The slagger is absolutely a best in class slag weapon. For 3 reasons large mag size, decent slag chance, and the fact it fires around 24 pellets a second. The only reason most youtubers use the grog is because they play glass cannon style builds and have to rely on the healing. Another point in favour of bandit is that they are responsible for making Melee Zero the absolute power house that he is. Also to invalidate the Jolly Roger because of the Conference call is a bad approach. By that sort of Logic Torgue becomes the worst manufacturer as everything but the Harold is obsolete while Bandit still has an entire class of Shields.


So my favourite manufacturer depends altot on the gun type I’m using and there are also ecxeptions when looking at red text guns :thinking:

My favourite Pistols are made by Vladof and i specially like the Anarchist so much and I’m always ecxited when finding them. I like how fast they are and also there appearance.
My favourite red text pistol is the harold because of REASONS

Assault rifles
Again the best assault rifles are made by vladof for me. They feel the most like real combat rifles and i think there etech versions are awesome (of course not in the endgame but i kinda love how they shoot)
Favourite red text is the Bekah. This super rare jakobs rifle is just an awesome gun and looks so good. I love it with Maya

Hyperion all the way. Unbelievable dps when you can compensate the ammo. And i love all of there special guns. The CC is my favourite weapon in the game. Honprable mansion goes out to Jakobs shotguns ecxpecially with Zero.

Sniper Rifles
Maliwan. I think its just a personal oppinion. I like how they look and they reload :smile: its a very flat reason but they always fit the best for me.
My favourite red text sniper is the Layuda but it EATS ammo. 2nd place is the Pimpernel

Again I like Maliwan the most. Maybe because i use smgs with maya the most and they fit her so good. I like the extra elemantal chance on my smgs. Hyperion smgs are awesome too.
My favourite smg is drum-roll the Sandhwk (yeah sorry its just super cool come on :smile:)

Rocket Launcher
Vladof! You get a free boom every second shot? Yes please. There etech versions are outstanding!
My favourite special launcher is the Badaboom. Rocket jumps and overall a cool launcher.

Anshin shields are the ones I’m looking for most of the time because of there resistance and more health.
Bit my favourite one is made by Jakobs. The rough rider. What a piece of gold!

Maliwan and there transfusion slag granades are a catch two fly with one stone chance. I love them.
My favourite grande? Storm front, fastball, chain lightning there are many cool ones. I would say the fastball because…


If you only could do a true allegiance run and you wanted to play at OP8… well you have no relics as those are all Eridian…

For Maya it’s real easy…Maliwan all the way… Leg Siren, Leg Binder, no quasar but you get a magic missile (I’m one of the few who prefer the MM), Antagonist shield, Norfleet, Grog, Pimp, and pick your fourth, let’s go with a matching element plasma caster for example… even without a relic you are in great shape…

The rest is tougher, Maliwan looks great for melee Zero but no roid shields and the prob with Maliwan for gun Zero is no class mods… maybe Hyperion for gun Zero with a Leg Killer and a bee shield, slag singularity and then all the amazing Hyperion guns…

Hyperion only gives you a bee shield to work with, so maybe Axton can make that work but you get no class mods… You do get all the great weapons from Hyperion…Dahl looks great for Axton too but without the UCP you are stuck with the WTF and the self damage…

have to hand this over to the allegiance run peeps as I’ve never done one…


Until you get into the mid- to late OP levels, I think they all have weapons that are quite viable. I’m only using grenades, weapons, and shields on manufacturer - no relics (or I’d skip them all) and no COMs (since, unlike the other three items, these seem pretty randomly assigned, and don’t really add any distinct definition to a manufacturer’s profile).

I took all my allegiance characters (one for each manufacturer, so they’re all represented) through OP8 as far as I could until I had to break allegiance to use a shared pool of some seriously OP gear (both to compensate for my own skills and the insane damage issues). Through this lens, I would say Torgue is the best, as I got farther with this gear than others before I had to grab other stuff.

In the very early game, I might say Maliwan because elemental DoT can kill an enemy if you just wing them.

I’m not sure if I have a favorite that doesn’t change every few days… I literally have a random number generator on a spreadsheet pick one for me before I play.


Torgue is probably the best. You forgot to mention the flakker. And the Swordsplosion!!! Is more than pretty good, is an absolute monster.

I’ll leave the more stat based opinion to derch


I definitely think this is subjective. I don’t roll allegiances, at least not yet, so I see this as a question of “right tool for the job”. The hammer that I usually use to beat the square peg into the round hole (read: when I’m too lazy to weapon swap and/or slag) is Torgue brand, there are few enough explosive resistant enemies that it usually does the job pretty handily. Those that are blast resistant usually get the Maliwan treatment. Also, I have some tendencies that I developed just because it seems to work out that way. NE is Jakobs or bust (all weapon types); Bandit smgs with a sprinkling of shotguns; Dahl everything but grenadiers; Maliwan everything; Vladof etech and ARs (except rocket rifles); Torgue everything, Tediore pistols and smgs. I don’t use a lot of launchers, but when I do they tend to be Tediore, Bandit, and Vladof; all preferably etech except for Bandit.

In summary: I agree with @Piemanlee and @Adabiviak.


Torgue is best.

But Jakobs is my personal favorite.


When I like to throw around this topic in my head, I usually don’t include uniques. So with that, I always deem Vladof to be the best.

  • Grenades - I personally consider Teslas to be the best base grenade mod, as it provides massive utility and AoE damage.
  • Shields - Absorption shields are really solid shields and give you good defense without a drawback, and they are my go to on Deputy Sal. And since Anshin and Pangolin don’t make weapons, Vladof has by default the best all-round standard shield out of the manufacturers.
  • Rifles - Probably the weakest part of the Vladof lineup, but they are still very usable. With the main reason that they’re so weak is that their own spinney barrel doesn’t give the gun a special effect like it does for Dahl, Jakobs, and Torgue.
  • Pistols - Anarchist are the best standard pistol, and their closest competition is miles away.
  • Snipers - Incredibly powerful and they have the highest dps out of all snipers, and at the same time their single shot damage is pretty good too. With the e-tech variation making for one of the strongest weapons to use on Sal.
  • Launchers - The Topneaa is the best standard launcher in the game, with mass utility and usability. And it’s even an extremely close second place to the almighty power that is the Norfleet.

  • Drawbacks - They don’t make plasma castors or shotguns, which are two of the most powerful weapon types in the game. But even then, they still more than hold their own at first place.

Other Manufactors

  • Bandit - They make great launchers, but the presence of e-techs make that point worthless. The same goes for their good SMGs and the much better plasma castors. And they make great, but extremely niche shields. So niche that they really only go on one build of one character. The rest of their stuff is bad.
  • Dahl - Their spinney barrel AR is good, that’s about it. Pistols, SMGs, and shields are bad. Testing in TPS has proven that their snipers don’t beat Vladof’s even while mobbing. And their grenades are only used as a slagging tool, which while good, TPS has proved that Vladof would have done better.
  • Jakobs - No shields and no grenades basically puts both feet in the grave already. But also their pistols are bad, ARs only manage to function with a spinney barrel, and snipers fall short when put to each end of the spectrum. Coach Guns are the saving grace of Jakobs.
  • Torgue - Shields and grenades are meh. Pistols and launchers don’t measure up. The spinney barrel AR is simply usable. And again a manufacture rides on the back of their shotgun.
  • Tediore - Shields and grenades are worthless IMO. Pistols and shotguns are bad. And launchers are fine as an e-tech, but they’re no Topneaa, unless you’re Javelineer Krieg. The strength of their plasma castor and it’s throw reload is basically all they’ve got.
  • Maliwan - Everyone’s favorite red text manufactor, but without their uniques they aren’t much. Their SMGs are one of if not the worst PCs (Bandit PCs might as well not exist), their pistols are quite bad, and their launchers can’t compete. Their shields are the same meh as Torgue’s, and I’ve never been impressed or preferential of transfusion grenades in any of the BL games. They’ve got their snipers and low tier PCs and that’s about it.
  • Hyperion - Plain and simple their shields and snipers are bad, and there grenades don’t provide enough without a tesla attached to them. But after that they’re pistols with they’re extreme accuracy and reasonable stats make them a solid choice. They make the best standard SMG in the game. And you don’t mess with a Thinking or a Development, they are unrivaled DPS monsters, even on characters that can’t unlock their full potential.

To be fair the Relics are but a mere avenue of maximizing the value of the allegiance, no? More specifically their weapons at least because when I think of allegiance I still think it mostly pertains to weapons; whether or not one wants their gear to be the same way – i.e. shields, grenade mods, especially Class Mods – is up to the user, right?

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Just my personal opinion of stuff I like to see and pick up while leveling

  1. Vladof
  2. Maliwan
  3. Jakobs
    EDIT: Tediore
  4. Torgue
  5. Dahl
  6. Hyperion
  7. Bandit

Not based on red text guns, just general guns. Also I mainly play Zer0 and rarely anyone else so that’s through those lenses. I almost never touch anything by Bandit unless it’s obviously better than what I’m carrying. I like Hyperion shotguns and some pistols but tend to stay away from them otherwise. Dahl doesn’t really grab me in any aspect but they have nice middle of the line performance on everything so it’s not too rare for me to use their weapons. Torgue has good damage generally and especially their shotties can be very good for Deception. Fast hands helps with their generally bad reload speed.

Jacobs is great. Works very well with Zer0’s AS with snipers and shotties and their pistols and AR’s are nothing to scoff at especially with slagging. Maliwan always provides elemental dmg and their gear has nice, steady performance where you don’t need to fight against any gimmicks. Not a huge fan of their pistols but all else tends to be very good (not that their pistols suck, I just don’t like using them that much)

Vladof is my personal best. Their stuff aside from snipers is not that great for Deception but the firerate, low recoil, decent elemental performance and general feel is just right up my alley. I don’t like their AR’s that much but then again I don’t tend to like AR’s in BL2 that much in general. I have a soft spot for Vladof snipers which is likely the reason I prefer it over Maliwan though I guess Maliwan in general is better suited for him.

EDIT: I forgot Tediore. I like their pistols and SMG’s for their reload power. Very solid choises on the various animal life found on Pandora (which are generally some of the more problematic enemies to crit and therefor do solid one shot damage on) and excellent FFYL tools. Shotguns and launchers I don’t like too much because of the slower throws and in case of launchers, them not ever hitting what I want to. I sometimes pick up Tediore shotguns because I actually want to shoot them and an OSOK shot followed by a relaod is something a lot of enemies can really withstand so there’s that. Definitely more usable stuff for Zero while leveling than Torgue has. If it wasn’t for a lot of Jacobs shotties being very good on Zero I might push Tediore to #3 and I might just do that anyway, hard to say really.

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Hm? Why is Moloko strong on Sal? I’m not that well versed with Sal tech and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this before.

High RoF+big damage, and Sal can fruther improve this sniper, plus - his skills negate Moloko’s high ammo consumption.
SuddenDeathMode guy was the 1st (i think) who showed the power of Moloko Sal.
Sure, it Is not the best bossing setup, but it shreds trough mobs.

  • Massive fire rate
  • A small 14 round magazine, firing 2 rounds a shot
  • Sal doesn’t care about the ammo consumption
  • And that’s the formula for a great MS gun, and MS chaining gun
  • Very high base damage
  • It has penetration and ricochets a few times
  • Very accurate if you can control the recoil
  • Comes in the 3 elements you care about
  • The Grog in your off hand more than fixes their bad critical damage
  • It preforms very well with the drunk effect
  • Etc…



Holy crap! Poor Warlord Slog.

Hyperion because they have a tendency to get accurate when increased firing


Also, Torgue and Bandit.