Best Mechromancer Solo Build

I tried playing as Gaige when BL2 first came out, and the deathtrap had a lot of bugs, which made it not so enjoyable. I’ve played through all three playthroughs as Axton, and I really like being able to deploy something that also deals damage, and works as a distraction. Not to mention it makes it less lonely when playing solo, which is all I do. Does anyone have any badass builds for a solo Mechromancer? I don’t have all of the ridiculously badass and hard to find gear, so if it requires certain gear, feel free to tell me how to get it! Thanks!!

Well, you can use the 26-26-15 spec. It’s like Axton 26-15-26, safe and effective. Just give DT a Roid shield and equipe some nice stuff like the Hail, Fibber and etc.
The best COM for this setup is the Leg Mechromancer, but the Prodigy or the Necromancer are good replacements.

A good starting point would be the Build Collection: some of the original content is still waiting a port from the old forums, but there’s enough to get you started. You’ll also find a levelling guide, and there’s another one in the “Cykotr0n’s Shocking B!tch” post (not my original work, so I feel no shame in plugging it!)

You’ll notice that using a build at end-game for raid bosses etc. (e.g. level 50, 72, or OP8) usually does require specific gear, but you don’t always need that while getting there. More importantly, half the fun is experimenting with what works and what doesn’t along the way - and that goes for any character!

Almost all of my Gaige play has been solo, and I’m about to hit level 72 with her. Your main choice is going to be with or without a DeathTrap focus; since you mention Axton, then go with lots of anarchy and lots of DT.

Good luck, and feel free to post and ask questions any time!

Do you have any specific builds that you would recommend or just anything to go off of that you think would help lead me in the right direction? And any specific equips you would recommend?

The problem with DT is his skill buffs are all over the place, so you have to invest in all three trees to get the good ones. I’d go with Upshot Robot, 20% cooler, Sharing is Caring, Strength of Five Gorillas, and Robot Rampage. Annoyed Android is useful as well if you have the spare points for it. I wouldn’t bother with One Two Boom or Buck Up.

Agree on these.

I’ve found that a bit iffy - some enemies are able to recognise DT’s wind-up on this and jump out of the way, taking no damage. It can be good, but it can also be a bit of a waste. I wouldn’t make it a priority pick.

Agreed. The first is still bad, and the second is bad (but for different reasons!)

For your first play-though, try the build to level 30 in the Shocking B!tch one I posted (scroll down that post for the gory details). It’s a good starting point, includes some passive health regen, and will give you a chance to learn how to use both DT and anarchy. Once you complete NVHM, you can play around with different things and farm for some specific gear before heading into TVHM. At that point, whatever takes your fancy is good; you can always respec at a Quick Change station and try something different if you don’t like they way things are working out.

To be honest, your build is not as important unless you’re (1) going into UVHM and/or (2) going after raid bosses (tricky to do solo).
I started Gaige in the LBT tree before going with an OC focused build. This is the build I’m currently using and even managed to luck out and kill Voradicious with it (it’s mainly a raid build). Main weapons are Fibbers, Lady Fists, Hails and shotguns- Doc’s Stryker, Heart Breaker, Blockhead, Swordsplosion, Hydra. I do carry a Good Touch/Bad Touch, Slagga, Sand Hawk and a corrosive Pimpernel. FFL weapons are DPUH, Interfacer or Norfleet, depending on the situation (mainly, ammo constraints). Shields are Sham, Inflammable Bee, Antagonist, Evolution and Inflammable FotF. Class mods are at least 1 each of each legendary and a CE Necromancer and True Neutral Necromancer.

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