Best melee Amara build "Face Slapper"

Just combine a Face-Puncher with a Fish-Slap nade & a Radiation Stone White Elephant, You now have a “Face Slapper”
If you can get all the pieces right, It can make anything evaporate.


first. also shotgun damage does not boost facepuncher.


Nothing’s perfect

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keep going, i will wait for your 1 shot graveward kill with amara.

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What’s that? Did someone mention melee.


Will need to wait until next years catrel event. Need a stronger fish slap, mine is lvl57 and m0.

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I notice that you get a brawler rough rider. It’s modded, right?

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per lootlemon

The Rough Rider has limited variations and can drop with 0/1/2 additional effects.
Any effect can be combined, but each can only appear once.

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Oh well there’s better sheilds to use anyway… just gotta break it, that means i need to wait until after the corrosive lobs drop.
Incoming one shot with crit swap.

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it can be done without crit swap with amara and fl4k. @EldeeFifty have a short clip of it in the gameplay videos section.

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Dusted… with my shield UP… wow!

Face-slapper is truely a weapon more powerful than metal gear.
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Yes, also per lootlemoon:


18.1% of Rough Rider shields have Adrenalin.

While Shield is depleted:
+23% Reload Speed


18.1% of Rough Rider shields have Fleet.

While Shield is depleted:
+10% Movement Speed


18.1% of Rough Rider shields have Roid.

While Shield is depleted:
+80% Melee Damage

Fishslap can currently one shot ward just needs a bit more setup

Fishslap / Face Puncher / White Elephant are half the reason why melee cant exist in this game.

Shooting a generic shotgun and throwing grenades has nothing to do with melee. Regardless of what it says about “damage type”



Pure melee is really good, just for some bossing having Face Puncher is necessary. I’m not a fan of White Elephant or Stinger ASS. I prefer Elemental Stone Static Charge combo.

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I recently did a tvhm m10 from start to finish without shooting a bullet just used ward, a 300/90 bladed green cov pistol, unleash the dragon, and a breaker com

And I had a blast!
Wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected minus the library boss in dlc 2 was a nightmare,

What’s special about the Fish Slap grenade? You don’t even throw it?

The fish slap is melee damage and gets boosted by melee buffs. The white elephant throws it for us. The sticky bombs that are created with the white elephant, are modified by your equipped grenade mods element and special effects.
Also hitting an enemy with one by actually throwing it yourself works very well too.

White Elephant bombs are random element. Grenade has nothing to do with it iirc.

How does the white elephant throw it?

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