Best melee legendary is in The Saboteur on Advanced, here's how to grind it!

So who else is trying to get the boots of the brute but cannot seem to complete the mission because they shred through your last point in the final boss room?

Heres the easiest way I’ve figured out how to complete it in around 30 minutes. You will need to have 2 or more Kleese’s, the more the merrier. You just need to follow a certain helix build and you will shred through enemies towards the end like there is no tomorrow. This will allow you to be able to beat it on advanced hardcore as well increasing your chance for legendaries.

Kleese’s Helix build

lvl 1 RT
lvl 2 RT
lvl 3 RT
lvl 4 LT
lvl 5 LT
lvl 6 LT
lvl 7 LT
lvl 8 LT
lvl9 RT
lvl 10 LT

To exactly how to play the mission check out my channel on youtube and look for the “how to grind saboteur on advanced hardcore” video. I hope this helps everyone and if it does don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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Good call OP, Kleese is a beast! I still really need the boots myself! I have also recently written a sort of guide on this that I hope you don’t mind me linking:

It is a bit lengthy (and looking back on it my jokes look worse and worse to me) and aimed more to success with a bigger group but I hope it helps too. I haven’t received any feedback yet, so if ya wouldn’t mind glancing it over and telling me what you think, I’d appreciate it.

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I don’t mind one bit and it is good that it is lengthy, I would have wrote more but videos help to. Thanks for your guide though I did not know it was on here. I managed to do this run with 3 people so for those that can’tfind a large group this will help them.

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Thx, going to give this a try, have already maxed half the chars, Kleese can be next.

IT is a good way to gt his lore done as well :slight_smile:

I just Solo’d The Saboteur on advanced hardcore n got gold using Attikus, surprisingly easy. Only got the Mini Singularity Launcher tho. Spec him to all health regen and life steal, take all ur attack speed gear.

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Thanks for the tip!

Just a quick question. So I read the stats on this legendary and while they are good I’m wondering on those who have it: When are you using it?

For PVP I feel legendary gear is sub-par. In Capture it goes so fast you can’t even get off a good blue or purple gear. In Meltdown same situation. Only time I find myself with enough shards is really in Incursion and I’d rather use 1800 on upgrading my turrets or the healing station far earlier into the match to help the team. If I’m playing with the mindset of “fuk everyone I just want kills” then yeah I’d use it but normally I want to win as a team

Then in 5v5 PVE you really only get to use legendary gear I’d say the last 20% of the level and by then it isn’t too-too necessary

I use legendays all the time in PVE solo to try what they do and to mix and match because then I know I can get all the shards to myself and unlock it ASAP

But honestly unless we get better DLC levels I don’t find legendary gear useful at all and the ones that WERE useful they have been nerfed because Gearbox sucks

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They are viable in meltdown and incursion. You should only use white gear in capture. You can shard farm pretty easily in meltdown and have two legendaries by the time the grinders move. They are completely worth it. I run an oscar mike build with vyns quiver and the legendary you get from rendain that increases attack speed along with an item that gives attack speed and attack damage and I got 21 kills with oscar mike while also maintaining the lanes. They are awesome in ove for the very same reason, faster kill times. You just have to be able to multitask and gets the large shard clusters before others while keeping a presence on the lane! If your interested go to my channel and watch my oscar mike op video to see what I do during matches, maybe that will give you an idea. This is also good in pvp even if you taking time to get shards give the enemy team a little bit of a lead if they are using lesser gear in the end you will have the better build and will usually win a match up. (I know skill depends as well)

I would use this specific item in Incursion. This item is built for an assassin melee character who should be getting kills to help the team. I usually have no trouble getting 2-3 legendaries online pretty early, even if I’m not frequently getting to mid-shard. While many of the legendary third stats are useless in my opinion, some just work incredibly on characters. It’s about your play style. I play pretty well early on and don’t need other items to get ahead early. Sure I can get an elite bot that will help push and divert their attention before ultimately dying and giving them experience, or I can be the pusher, divert their attention, and typically get out at the right time to patch up and do it all over again.