Best melee shield other than stinger?

Going to try the melee builds getting popular but will NOT use a stinger simply because of how to get it. Ive never used melee builds ever so need help here. I know what other gear is needed but a shield. Any melee pros are welcome to chime in, thanks.

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Besides Brawler Ward too?

That’s the premier shield for melee builds…300% melee damage while depleted…Graveward drops it.

Also there’s the Frozen Heart…If you can find a “Novas while Phasegrasp” anoint, you’ll instantly freeze anyone nearby…and frozen targets take 300% more melee damage (I think)…Aurelia drops that one.

Edit: Personally I think the Stinger farm sucks too…maybe you can try trading for it in the Trade section.

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Once i looked up how to get the stinger i said nope. And then try to get a certain anoint heck no. I saw the brawler come up in my research but having it depleted seems exhausting to use all the time, unless im missing something. Might try frozen again tho.

Yeah, Brawler Ward is best option besides Stinger.

You do have to have it depleted for full effect, but for a “true” melee build - or even one using Face-Puncher and a Knife Drain Artifact - that will be happening most of the time because you want to be at short range anyway.

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Thats the build. Seems to be getting popular since thursday so might as well join the club.

Yea, it only took me about 30 runs to get the properly anointed one. That was tiring lol

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Which anoint is best or recommended?

If playing Amara or Flak, the ‘on action skill start trigger effects on shield break or fill’ since it will trigger a melee Nova that does crazy damage and procs Groundbreaker. I’m currently running it with Flak, Rakk setup, it’s pretty wild

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If you get a low-level one it’s practically depleted all the time. You can either:

A. Join someone’s game as they’re killing Graveward, staying in the “select Vault hunter” screen until they finish the kill. All items that drop will then be level 1 (unless they patched that).

B. Level up with a character, finish the main story, turn on Mayhem 1 or 2, then farm Grave…you’ll get a level 30/31 shield with a low capacity.

C. Trade (my personal choice)

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If you’re playing Amara, you can use a spiritual driver to Dot yourself and deplete your shield constantly. If youre holding a gun with the 300/90 anoint the Dot will be stronger

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If you can find a double roid rough rider, that gives 180% melee damage all the time allong with damage reduction and increased health. It’s what I’m using. Allong with fish slap nade and white elephant. That combo makes the facepuncher an absolute beast. If you get every piece of gear right, you can apply every element in one shot.

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Hmm, I’ll have to try that out. Rough rider has always been one of those shields I passed over, but recently was thinking it might be cool to mess around with on Amara

She’ll be my first to use it on.

Good idea, ill have to farm all this since i passed it over using other builds lol. These new events might be a blessing. TY

Fish slap isn’t farmable any more. It’s part of the cartels event, so can’t get another one until next year. I’m still using a lvl 57 one.

I actually have a 57 one also. Went through my inventory checking what i have to farm for but i collected some thank god.