Best Miko Pockets

I’d like to talk about the best characters to stay around and heal to protect you as miko. Although miko has decent damage output and is no slouch when it comes to holding his own, his potential as healer is most effective when he stays near a teammate. Mikos healing is useful to every character, but he combos particularly well with some heroes. I’ve gotten the best results with these characters:

Montana- High health, soaks up tons of damage and therefore needs your help the most to heal it off. His slowness is also a plus side in my experience, as alot of the more mobile characters are to fast to stay in the beam. He is even better when he takes feeling the burn, as you can heal off the damage it does and he can fire indefinately.

ISIC- Also another character with the potential to take alot of damage and will therefore need your help to heal it off. The only thing is, between his aegis, rotating wards, and regular blue hit point shields, he will take much longer till the enemy puts a dent in his regular health pool making him not need your heals as much as montana in my experience. He will need your heals during his ultimate though, without a doubt. Another minor annoyance is when he uses his plasma dash to get to a ledge you can’t reach, but that was more of a player problem then anything else. :frowning:

Atticus- Considered a weak character overall by alot of people, he is still able to soak up alot of damage and is easy to keep within range of the heal beam. The only problem I have is that I often don’t feel comfortable pocketing a melee hero because it can be risky to go with them into the thick of things.

Kelvin- he is a great character overall and a decent pocket, but I’ve run into to problems with kelvin. Like I said with atticus, pocketing melees can be risky. The other problem is the heal beam doesn’t track him with sublimate active.

Whisky foxtrot- generally considered worse than Mike, whisky foxtrot makes the list because he isn’t to mobile to heal, can attack at range and his lack of stealth means you won’t ruin his sneaking with your heal beam.

Reyna- the nice thing is she can also support you, the overshield is really useful because you don’t have a shield normally as an eldrid

Obviously, top off whoever is nearby and needs it, but these characters are the best for it IMO.

Now for some not so great heal partners, keep in mind this doesn’t make them bad as characters, just not reliable heal partners for miko:

Rath- Hes to fast to keep up with and has to play super risky as a melee character. Also he has a little bit of life steal, meaning he won’t need heals as often as characters without it.

caldarius/benedict- to mobile or high in the sky to stay within range of the heal beam

Marquis- this is the opposite of rath, He plays so far away that he often doesn’t need heals because he isn’t at very much risk

Characters I haven’t played with (Due to level unlocking) but will speculate how they’d perform as a pocket:

Ghalt- I recon pretty solid pocket seeing as he isn’t to quick for miko and instead of having to run into a high risk area to get an enemy, he just pulls them to him

Deande- The heal beam would ruin her stealth, so probably a poor choice of pocket.

What characters do you like as a pocket?

I actually really dislike any of the characters with massive hp pools since it feels like they often go out of their way to lose a ton of hp quickly only to hang around behind the front lines requiring a long healing period that could be spent helping other teammates. Getting a group of average hp battleborn makes it easy to bounce between every ally and keep them at an hp advantage for every engagement.

Anyway, I like to stick near any of the mobile damage dealers like Mellka to effectively sustain longer periods between each hit and run phase. You need to be careful of your own positioning though, no point if you get eaten up on the retreat.

Good point. Montana tends to soak up alot of heals for the team but with the ult and upgraded biosythesis I find if they play carefully it isn’t an issue. I tend to play like the team fortress medic where you basically never stop healing though.

I’ve never actually played with a mellka before.

As much as i’ve played miko, the best characters to stay around, is your entire group. Just jump from person to person and heal them as need be but don’t go out of your way to heal someone that’s away from the group. Being around 3-4 people at once usually means they’ll focus the people trying to kill them rather than you in a 1v1 scenario. Sometimes they do focus you, but if you’re in a group, chances are they’ll be killed.

True, alot of times the team spreads a little bit though. One person going for thralls, the other pushing balcony on the final sentry on incursion, another fighting bots in the lane. The nice thing is with the ultimate, if your team protects the mushroom you can go heal other people on the map and basically provide healing to 2 frontlines at once.

Yeah you can, but it’s always 100% better to concentrate the healing. If you’re playing with a group of randoms it’s really hard to have everyone group up and do what they do best because they’re randoms. Having a good group of buds will eliminate that. I’ve just gotten used to being a mobile aggressive miko. By that i don’t mean going in and putting out damage cause that’s not miko’s thing, but more so not being afraid to go in with a melee attacker like Rath, or someone pushing up. Being mobile means you have to work at least 3x harder than your team and try to keep their health up to snuff. A good coordinated team will flock to the healer if they need health, a good healer will flock to the people that need health. If both people do that, then you’re nearly unstoppable.

Playing a miko healer is pretty much like playing Nurse Maya in borderlands 2. At the end of the day though, it all comes down to “Is everyone playing their role correctly, and efficiently? If yes, victory. If no, you’re gunna have trouble.”

At the start of the match, I usually go for a char that I feel like needs healing the most.

Montana, ISIC, every tank really. A lot of enemies focus tanks, because of several reasons. It’s hard to kill them, so it’s a nice challenge but they are also easy to hit. When you keep healing a tank, you are also making sure the tank stays alive longer, taking enemy fire instead of other members of your team.

I love healing Phoebe and Rath. Both melee characters who move fast and are quite hard to follow, but you have to use the fact that your healing beam auto aims. You don’t always have to look at the one you’re healing, and that makes it much easier to heal allies as Rath and Phoebe. They both are able to deal massive damage, and with a Miko on their side, they are so so good.

Most mid-range characters are good to heal, they take quite some damage so they are easy to heal.

Now I hate healing:

BENEDICT. He is unhealable, really. But I don’t have trouble with many other charcters.
Snipers don’t really need it, most of the time.

When in the middle of the match, I mostly switch my main healing to the most valuable player, which most of the time is the player who is good at protecting a lane but still needs some help.(I mainly play Meltdown.)

But yeah, you should try to heal your whole team as best as you can. Sometimes it’s impossible tp save everyone, but most of the time Miko is quite good at keeping everyone alive.

During this open-beta i really enjoyed having a Galilea in my team, she were really strong ( too much i guess :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yeah she becomes way harder to deal with while she is being healed

Aside from being a human fortification for others to hide behind and having a weapon that gets better the longer he stays in a fight, Montana’s got one big benefit as the pocket heal target of choice: damage resistance.

Other characters have physical shields that prevent damage entirely, or sick health regen, or life drain, but with Hailstorm and Mansformation giving him a flat % decrease to incoming damage, the hit points you laser-beam into a Montana will usually go further (on a strict point-for-point basis) than they would on another character.

For pure in-game effectiveness, though, obviously you just hitch a ride on the HMS Galilea and float to victory across a sea of tears. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I agree, Montana easily has some of the highest potential to utterly unbalance an engagement due to damage reduction, slow, stun, and sheer damage output. Seeing a really skilled Montana with a good support is the worst(or best depending on which side you’re on)

I have had some of the best success as Miko following a friend as pheobie. The two of us took out many 2v3 situations as long as you do it right as Miko. Lvl 10 I can pump out 150 hp/sec with biosynthesis going as well. Healing power + and they use a healing received, makes insanely strong heals

Oh absolutely, if you can manage to stack your healing right with gear, and pick the right helix/mutations, you can easily get to 300hps at level 10, provided you have a mushroom down as well, and if you have 2 mushrooms down you can get around 380hps when they overlap. Following a strong damage dealer is always better than following a tank. If you must follow and pocket heal someone, pocket heal a melee attacker, they need it more than say, montana.

Most of the time I don’t even get to use the mushroom because we are moving around so much. At lvl 10 I’ll use it as an attack before I use it as a heal more times than not lol.
Btw a quick question, is anyone having and issue starting the game up right now?

In a game mode such as meltdown you’re absolutely right about running around too much. Incursion though I find that being able to lay down 2 mushroosm is a very good strategic move, especially if you have say, Marquis on your team, or if the team needs some good heals behind a wall of sorts it’s great. Usually i just plop it down and say “Mushroom is down at so-and-so” so the team knows where to go if i’m off healing someone else at the time. In meltdown though i’d opt for poison.

The game keeps saying player initiation failed and I have no idea why

That’s odd, perhaps it’s something between your connection and the server, but i have no idea.

Beta finished :wink:

Ha yeah I figured that out yesterday when I went searching. Grr sad. Idk what to do with my life now until it comes out. I mean I guess I could just go play more league again

Yeah, at least it isn’t too long a wait until release, but i can’t wait to get back in this game also.