Best Mobbing Areas in TPS

So I have just gotten some good lv70 gear for my Nisha but everywhere I go to try it out I just insta vaporize everything in a second. I want to try out my new 70 Maggie’s with a Celestial mod but everything seems so sparse.

What is the densest mobbing area in TPS?

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Plain ol’ TPS not many places. The Robot Factory or Eleseer … if you just blindly jump in the middle of stuff can be fun for a minute or so.

The subconscious in the Claptrap DLC all the way through Eclipse/EOS are pretty good.

The new arena or even the holodome can have some tough fights.

DLC Pandora

Robot Production Felicity - first chamber.

Pity’s Fall - engine room / path to boss

Lunar Launching Station

Eleseer, maybe?

Outlands Spur /Serenity Waste Kraggons.

A couple parts of Hyperion Hub.

That one room in Veins of Helios.

Shock Drop Slaughter.

Stanton’s Liver.

Bogan’s Warren (outland canyon).

Darksiders base (kind of).

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I tried a bunch of these already and some are ok. I always like the Robot Plant run. But its not the same as Bloodshot or Sawtooth in BL2.

Maybe Nisha is just more powerful but I used Krieg and Sal in 2 so that doesn’t seem right.

I haven’t done the DLC with her yet maybe I’ll give that a try.

Mob Densities EVERYWHERE in the first two games was so much greater.

Just endless waves, everywhere.

So why not in TPS with drastically more powerful (ok, maybe not drastically) Vault Hunters?



Cortex Arena, Holodome. Personally I don’t really agree with the “hide-n-seek dome” criticism, there’s jump pads and low grav. Sometimes enemies stay on the other side, big deal.
Pity’s Fall, Subconscious, Darksiders in Triton Flats are also pretty hectic fights. They’re no Lynchwood though.


Lynchwood - we are ALWAYS at level, and we will keep rapidly spawning until you die or you leave!

I miss it…

Lynchwood - we are ALWAYS at level, and we will keep rapidly spawning until you die or you leave!

I miss it…

Nisha must have been dissatisfied with TPS mob density so she fixed it in her town in BL2!


I do enjoy the fact that the Holodome provides you with breatjing / recoveru room.

I just like my arenas more onnthe hectic / in your face side…

Yeah…maybe I’m doing it wrong, but with the second wind mechanic I trained myself that “breathing room” is in fact more enemies, I’m always rushing forward anyway, making sure there’s enemies nearby, whether they like it or not :smiley:
And the badass round is plenty hectic, a lot of powerful enemies spawn there.



But, even the badass round, i can win almost exclusively by stalking the tunnels of the outskirts loweest area and (with a bomber oz kit) toss homing grenades to kill all normal enemies and finish off the BA’s with long range high accuracy weaponry.

Still, you definitely dont HAVE to play it that way, but i cant think of any other Borderlands arena where you can almost completely stay off the enemies radar like that.

Stanton’s Liver
Shock Drop Slaughter
Titan Robot Production Plant
Holodome (only fun with a full party imo)
DLC Overlook

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Going back to good mobbing maps, I can definitely recommend going to Research & Development, traveling to Hyperion Hub of Heroism and doing the route to the other side of the map. From that save point to the back of Jack’s Office, around Nakayama’s place, to the fountains is a very decent mobbing run. Also the Subconscious, Mutator Arena and TITAN Robot Production Plant are great areas too. Darksiders is good but small.

I’d add Ov3rlook.
I like the short burst, reminds me of the fast travel sequence in BL2.

You can do a pretty decent farm run through that stretch of the Hub too. I’m not at that point yet in my UVHM reset playthrough but I’ll give that a try.

Just did Stanton Liver a few and that’s not a bad run. The area after the bridge gets a bit hectic and you get a chance at a Flakker and the space odysee chest.

the run thru subconscious to the sponx to selfloathing/despair to the cortex arena isnt bad, not a great as the dust, but it is close! also it seems that the more people playing the more mobs spawn, not much more and i may be wrong.

I can’t believe i
Forgot about R&D in my first post!

Also, the Motherless Board and Quarantine in the DLC nexus have some decent mobs!

start in r&d and then HHH then VoH then LLS. its a decent run with many mobs.