Best mobbing areas

Just a general topic, i was just curious to what people would consider the top 5 best (most fun or most chalenging) mobbing areas…

my top 5:

5: bloodshot stronghold… pretty hard map, but not rly a chalenge after doing it so many times

4:Dragon keep just because of how fun the sorcerer is at the end, and the thrill of maybe getting a tubby bones on the way up… not rly too hard but still, those mage skeletons are ?%$&?&

3: the Beatdown because its very difficult due to all the enemy types and that map has soo many enemies with elemental guns and we all know how ■■■■■■ catching a DOT on op8 is.

2: Digistruct peak… obviously alot of people would consider this the most chalenging mobbing area… i used to think that but ive successfully soloed it on every character and completed over 300 times, i know it too well, its not even a chalenge anymore exept with ■■■■■■ gaige(pre-stacking or shamfleeting are both very cheap and i dont use a norfleet on any character) the great chance of getting legendaries in this map also helps make this map awesome.

1: Sawtooth cauldron… this map is a piece of ■■■■ AND I LOVE IT… well over 200 enemies, at least 50 being blaster nomads or the goliaths with two launchers, crazy unpredictable spawns… this map is soo hard to complete without going down… so many times i went down from one of those enemies spawning with an etech launcher and killing me behind cover… and i just discovered this gem of an area… out of maybe 20 ish runs, maybe only 3-4 of those i didnt get a loot midget… got 4 on one of these runs… all around the hardest most unpredctable map in the game and high chance of spawning loot midgets(probably similar to thounsand cuts but with more lootable boxes)

id love to hear you guy’s lists and try some of your picks, im sure ill rediscover some dlc area or somewere i dont rly go with a decent chalenge or a fun factor to

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In general my favourite mobbing locations would be bandit or non-stalker animals clusterfvck with no buzzards.

  1. Lynchwood
  2. Magny’s lighthouse
  3. The rustyards
  4. Caustic caverns
  5. The fridge

I absolutely love the Hero’s Pass for its short but intense areas like the one with the Constructor or the Badass Constructor at the end. Its not really that hard but fun to do and a good way to warm up when booting up the game after a few weeks without playtime.

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve: A large area with potentially guaranteed midgeds, a lot of good semi-bosses and badassas with dozens of different enemy types. Not to forget about the cool sidestep to the Natural Selection Annex for tubbie-farming.

Bloodshot Stronghold is as pointed out, one of the funniest and - especially for Newbies - most challenging areas in BL2. But hell, its worth it. If only Mad Mike had some dedicated legendary to drop. How about the Norfleet? Just kidding.

Honorable mention goes to the way up to the Bunker in Thousand Cuts for enjoyable short-lived action on the way to one of my favorite Bosses.

For me (excluding the circles of slaughter, and not necessarily in this order):

  1. Caustic Caverns (monster density)
  2. Pyro Pete’s Bar (bandit density)
  3. Lair of Infinite Agony (advanced monster density)
  4. Sawtooth Cauldron (advanced bandit density)
  5. Wildlife Exploitation Preserve (bandit and monster mix)

Honorable mention goes to The Forest, because the fairies are hilarious in combat, and the Duke of Ork is a heck of a mini boss.

Lynchwood - The announcements over the speakers and the combat music make this area. So many enemies, too.

Sawtooth Cauldron - A gigantic clusterfuck. It’s amazing. Plus there is a easy-to-kill boss right in your way that drops a Corrosive legendary grenade, right before a crapton of armoured enemies!

Dragon Keep - You inevitably end up mobbing this tiny but fun area while farming the Sorcerer. I like that the enemy spawns are for the most part set in stone and predictable - you always get a Badass Necromancer at the start, a Badass Fire Mage after that, etc.

Bloodshot Stronghold - This could just be the most elegantly built area in the game. No fuss, no fancy tricks, just bandits in a linear path. Really fun for “I’m gonna play a little bit of Borderlands 2”. Also getting to Mad Mike before he kills you is a game in and of itself.

I think it is a sin that no one has mentioned Friendship Gulag. My favourite Hyperion map, the number of paths through it, high enemy density and a few red chests all add to it. The only reason I don’t run it more is because it requires travelling through The Dust first. This wouldn’t concern me but I just always have so much fun in the Dust I forget to visit the Gulag. The Dust is another of my favourites, loads of enemies, variety and multiple mini bosses.
I also regularly enjoy Lynchwood Sawtooth Cauldron and Digistruct Peak for their craziness. These have already been mentioned so I won’t explain.

  1. Hero’s Pass
  2. Lynchwood
  3. Sawtooth Cauldron
  4. Bloodshot Stronghold
  5. Southpaw Steam & Power
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My Top 5 Favourites:

  1. Sawtooth Cauldron
  2. Southpaw Steam and Power
  3. Washburne Refinery
  4. The Fridge
  5. Magnys Lighthouse

Honorable Mention: Hayter’s Folly

Bloodshot stronghold- I’ve grown to love it and use it a lot for initial testing of builds
Washburn refinery- this has always been a fun loader heavy place for me
Hayters folly- in addition to looking great it has a nice level design for continuous combat
Hero’s pass- I thought this was a great final sprint to the finish for the game a gave the perfect amount of difficulty
Wam bam island- I’ve always though Thai place was great with diverse enemies beautiful visuals and it’s a pretty decently large map with two different bosses

  1. The Forest
  2. The Dust
  3. Hatred’s Shadow
  4. Sawtooth
  5. Frostburn Canyon

The music on that map is amazing


Agreed. It’s one of my favorites in the game.

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Same here. I usually run thru Bug Gulch to the Black Queen then on to Mobley and Gretel fallowed by either the Hodunks or Zafords before paying McNally a visit one my way back to the FT at Ellie’s. I never remember to stop by the Gulag.

The Dust
Washburne Refinery
Digi Peak

I’ll third that

For some reason Southpaw Steam and Power always holds a special place for me. Lynchwood is also really fun.

Southpaw, Arid Badlands, Caustic Caverns, Hayter’s Folly (great for learning how to snipe), Lynchwood