Best Mod for siren?

I got maya to lvl 50 on 360. Transferred to X1 and i’ve only been able to get to lvl 59 since UVHM is impossible on my own. Since none of my mates play this game., well one does but is never on enough.

So i’ve always created a new character to lvl50, I’ve played this game with the 2 playthroughs to level 50 on each character.
So is this the best mod for siren? Its the best ive found of anything and i have alot of awesome stuff. Even the slayer terramorphous mod isn’t as good.

Depends on what you’re aiming for.

The Legendary Siren is a very versatile COM and allows great use of most gun types and Phaselock.

Cat COM is bar none the best COM for SMGs out there with good skill options. There’s also the Legendary Cat from 62 and higher. Tough to get but Maya’s most painful option.

There’s also the Trickster COM boosting Chain Reaction. With an up to 88% chance for a richochet you can experience some crazy ping pong shenanigans as bullets can ricochet multiple times… Some enemies such as Saturn or BNK-3R can be killed instantly due to overlapping hitboxes which are targeted separately by ricocheting bullets.

The Binder is an exceptional COM for Snipers thanks boosting Reaper and Suspension but is just as good for other gun types for the same reason. Also on 62 and higher you can get the Legendary Binder which is even better except for the Helios skill which is practically useless at that level.


The Legendary Siren is probably the most versatile Mod as it doesn’t rely on Phaselock to be up to boost most of the skills: they are active all the time. As mentioned above, the Cat Mod is amazing for SMGs, so depends somewhat on your playstyle. I’m not sure what the best stats are for a L50 Mod but the Leg Siren goes up to 53% cooldown and 39% gun damage, so there are better ones out there. I also have a Leg Cat that boosts SMGs to 136% damage, just to give you an idea of what they can do. It’s the one I use most of the time.

You shouldn’t really be having that many issues with Maya in UVHM, tbh. Most of the problems I had for her centred around Raid bosses or Bloodwing, but otherwise I found her to be much easier in the general game than e.g. Axton. P/L gives her a great deal of breathing space most of the time and if you spec into Ruin and Chain Reaction then you shouldn’t have too many problems with mobs.

I don’t mean to teach you to suck eggs but what build do you have? Maya 's main strength is in her P/L abilities and if you focus on using that as much as possible you shouldn’t encounter too many problems. The Leg Siren is great for that as you don’t need to spec into Quicken to reduce cooldown, freeing the points for something else.

If you are Level 59 you will be able to unlock the key offensive skills which make the game much easier for Maya: Ruin, Reaper, Converge, Chain Reaction and Wreck. That way you don’t need a Slag weapon and if you spec into Suspension on the way to Converge you will keep P/L up longer for maximum benefit. A good fast firing weapon will ensure that you wreck anything and can clear areas in record time, while putting points into Sweet Release and Elated means you shouldn’t have to worry about health, either.

What are the main issues you are having with her?

I agree with @blackheartv

The Leg. Siren COM is one of Maya’s best options, since it boosts her offensive and defensive skills. 10/5 in Ward is no joke; your shield will have a huge capacity and a very low delay. The offensive boosts are always on with the passive gun damage bonus and the points to Accelerate and Foresight, unlike the Cat COM with Wreck and the Binder with Reaper (or both Wreck and Reaper, with the Leg. versions of both), and Trickster with Chain Reaction (it passively boosts firerate though).
Do note that if you are going purely for damage, the Cat COM is usually the best option, boosting a lot of her damage skills (even more with the Leg. version) and with a huge buff to SMG damage, but doesn’t give any defensive bonus.
Overall, you have a very nice COM that will be useful to you for a long time.

By the way, what are the problems you are having with her? Make sure your build has both survival and damage skills, and that your gear isn’t underleveled too much. Some weapons can last very long, but if you’re using the same gear since level 50, it might be time to get something new. It doesn’t even need to be something unique, some weapons perform very well even without a special effect to them, Maya makes standard gear go a long way.

I have no idea what class mod I ran before I got to endgame, but the first Legendary com I found was a level 62 L. Binder, I have run with that com since then. In my opinion, it is the perfect class mod. Sweet release provides health, and so does the extended PL duration if you spec into Elated. Wreck gives you a huge DPS boost while PL is up, and Reaper is always active, making Maya much more potent. The cooldown pairs nicely with Elated, Sweet Release, and Wreck, and the least balanced skill is Helios. Which, at endgame, heals a Siren quite nicely if she has LifeTap active. I rarely stray from this magical class mod.

Before I got my hands on any Legendary COMs, I primarily used a Binder with +Reaper/Suspension. Maya is my Co-op only char, so the team cooldown rate boost helped a lot… my friend’s melee Zer0 could use decepti0n more often… and I could keep picking his butt up off of the ground with Res, haha.

I liked the Legendary Nurse when I found it (it was my first Legendary COM), but there’s much better ones since we were only play 2 person Co-op. While we were certainly healing more, I feel like the lack of damage was more than negating the extra healing since there’d be more enemies still alive at any given time.

I just got my hands on a Legendary Binder last play session, so I’m excited to try it out since I loved the Binder so much. Might even put a point in Helios just to get the extra skill points. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking forward to trying out the level 67 Legendary Cat I found since I love using the Good Touch so much. I hated having to resort to a Harold while using the Legendary Nurse just to be able to kill things. Only a little hesitant since it doesn’t give ANY defensive buffs. I personally tend to like balanced COMs better.

Oddly enough, still haven’t found the Legendary Siren yet. The movement speed buff looks super delicious for fighting rabids, and I’d gladly welcome the unconditional +% Gun Damage buff.

What Class mod you should use as Maya generally depends on personal preference and your playstyle. Of course, you also need to take into consideration if you have UVHM Upgrade Pack 2. If you have UVHM Upgrade Pack 2, you can get your character to level 72 (and even optionally choose to do the OP levels). If you don’t have UVHM Upgrade Pack 2, you will be capped at level 61. That means that the only Legendary Class mods you would have access to, as Maya, are the Slayer of Terramorphous and the Legendary Siren. Of those two, the Legendary Siren is a better option. If you do have UVHM Upgrade Pack 2, you will have access to the Legendary Cat, Legendary Binder and Legendary Nurse in addition to the Legendary Siren and Slayer of Terramorphous. The Legendary Cat and Legendary Binder are good COMs, the Legendary Nurse is less good than the other two. I recommend consulting the Maya section for Builds, Top Gear and an explanation of Maya’s skills (strengths and weaknesses). Some other Class mods I recommend considering are the following: Blurred Trickster, Chaotic Evil Cleric (if you have the Tiny Tina DLC) and (low level) Breakneck Banshee to pair with an at level Rough Rider Shield (if you have the Sir Hammerlock DLC). Most of the time, I use the Legendary Siren + Bone of the Ancients and my Siren Build. This works pretty well, even at OP8. :blush:

If you are having issues with Maya in UVHM, you could use the following to fillout your skills and then post the results in this thread:

It would also help to know what equipment (Shield, Relic, Grenade, and Weapons) you are using and what level your equipment is. It is important to keep your equip at or at least near your level.

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The only 3 I use are the Blurred Trickster, Breakneck Banshee, and the Legendary Nurse. There would be 4 but I’m still hinting for that Legendary Cat Mod.

No problems, ive just never done ultimate vault hunter playthrough because im on my own so have never seen the best of the best items in the game

I found Maya the hardest with Raid bosses, but the easiest in game, even in UVHM. And before I got to OP2 I played exclusively solo. What issues are you having that make you concerned in UVHM?

Im currently Level 59 and its just very very very hard to kill people. and cant get past certain bits.
Not sure if im just playing wrong…
Yet im pretty sure that i know how to play Borderlands since ive played since 1

can you post your build and gear?

In UVHM, enemies regenerate health. Are you Slagging enemies before switching to an appropriate element weapon? In UVHM, a Slagged target takes 3x normal damage. While it isn’t a requirement to Slag targets in UVHM, it makes playing the game easier. Maya doesn’t really need a weapon to Slag targets, since she has Scorn and (Converge + Ruin) which effectively functions as a Slag singularity grenade without the need to carry an actual Slag singularity grenade. However, it might be a good idea to carry a source of applying Slag as a backup. A few things I can recommend include: a lower level MMx4 grenade (since you are mainly interested in applying Slag), a Florentine (Shock / Slag) SMG, the Slagga (Slag) SMG or even a decent Maliwan or Hyperion brand Plasma Caster (Slag) . Those will all get the job done of applying Slag to a target.

If your weapons are not at least within 4 or 5 levels of your character, you might want to consider redeeming Shift codes to get Golden Keys. You can then use the Golden keys on the Golden Chest in Sanctuary. In UVHM all of the items you get will be at your current level. You will never get a White or Green item. Most of the time you will get 2 items, and they will usually be Purple. Sometimes they will be E-tech. You will only get a Blue item if that item is a Relic. You will only get 1 item (instead of 2) if the item is a Rocket Launcher. Lastly, you cannot get Legendary, Seraph or Pearlescent items from the Golden Chest.

You can also tip Moxxi to get a Good Touch (Corrosive) SMG and a Bad Touch (Fire) SMG. You can only get 1 Good Touch (Corrosive) SMG per character across all playthrus for that character. However, you can keep tipping Moxxi and keep getting a Bad Touch (Fire) SMG as you level up in UVHM. I also recommend farming Knuckle Dragger for a Hornet (Corrosive) Pistol. He is the easiest Boss to kill and you should be able to get a decent at level Hornet (Corrosive) Pistol for Maya. The Hornet (Corrosive) Pistol is arguably the best Corrosive Pistol for Maya and typically the only Corrosive weapon I equip, even while helping people thru the OP levels at DigiStruct Peak.

If you are still having some difficulty with Maya in UVHM, using the following link and posting the results in this thread will allow us to give you some recommendation for your build:

The following is a Build for use with the Legendary Siren COM and ideally a Bone of the Ancients Relic. It is similar to my own Siren build, but designed for a level 59 Siren. It even has 1 point in Cloud Kill, since the 10/29/2015 patch buffed that skill :blush: :

Assuming you can get to at least level 61, the following is the same Build as above except for 2 points that I put into Elated. It is designed for a level 61 Siren:

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Yes i do use slag weapons. I have high damage elemental weapons. Just would be good to play with someone. Just harder single player for me. More fun with people

I like starting new characters anyway not a problem to me. and i dont have alot of time cos im always on other games too :confused: too many games not enough time



@BlackHeartV covered pretty much everything, it just depends on how you want to play, Maya has a lot of viable builds that can be found here. Pick one (or more) and farm the gear required.