Best mod for this build

I’m looking for the best mod for the build I have for the Gunzerker. I use two Jacobs Pistols, and a Rough Rider Shield. I do welcome critiques for my build too.

chaotic evil monk, legendary gunzerker, or suave renegade.

I’ll take Suave Renegade, now I just need a relic

I would swith your build up to something like this since you’re using jakobs pistols, Get some can proc while you are in gunzerk and you get nothing from keep firing because of the jakobs pistols.

As far as relics go, I’d probably pick up a jakobs alegience relic? there arn’t really a lot of great choices for a build like this.

Did you forget about The Sheriff’s Badge? I know fire rate is rather irrelevant on Jakobs, but damage is not.

I thought about that, but the probem is that you usually take the sheriff’s badge for the fire rate, the damage boost is pretty mediocre, up to 23.5% at OP8, if you take into concideration what a good Jakobs alegince relic can do for you, I think there’s really no contest.

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If you’re using Jakob’s pistols, isn’t Keep Firing useless? I would personally take the point from that, Keep It Piping Hot, 5So6, and I’m the Juggernaut and put those points into All in the Reflexes, Incite, and the rest in Asbestos. But that’s just me

If you absolutely have to use 2 Jakobs pistols, I would recommend a shadow of the Seraph or a Jakobs allegiance relic with recoil reduction.

But if I were you, I’d look at some other brand of pistols here: most of Salvador’s boost are fire rate, and you’re not benefiting.

Also, like capnslapabich said, keep firing is useless. You’re also skipping arguably Sal’s best skill in Get Some. There is no reason to skip it since you have the points available.

Speccing into both Money shot and 5So6/inconceivable/FttBrim is counterproductive. Either go full hoarder and auto pistols, or keep the Jakobs and try to get money shot as often as possible.

ok so this is what I have now

I don’t understand what you did.

I said to either remove the ammo skills or Money shot because they were sort of incompatible (if you’re trying to get to your last shot, you don’t want it to be longer to do so). You removed both. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the juggernaut is probably Sal’s worst skill. Your points are better spent anywhere else (like back in money shot for example) :wink:

Jakobs pistols have a lot of recoil, a single point in Steady as she goes would help tremendously.

I’m ready already is also incompatible with Get Some. It’s not useless but they don’t stack. I would move those points to all in the Reflex since Jakobs pistols have small mags, you’ll be reloading often.

Lay waste is almost completely useless since you get nothing out of Fire rate boosts.

Are you having trouble staying alive ? Without heavy investment in Brawn or a Moxxi gun in your off hand, you probably go down a lot. Consider moving a few points from Gunlust to Brawn, specifically to Ain’t got time to bleed and Sexy T-Rex. (And come at me Bro of course) Adaptive shields or their rarer versions could help here.

Otherwise, look to replace one of your pistols with a Slag Rubi or a Grog Nozzle.

That seems pretty good, I just can’t think of what to remove to get to Sexual T-rex and keep No Kill like Over Kill

It’s not mathematically possible to have all 3 capstone skills. I consider Get Some to be an absolute must and will usually completely avoid the Brawn tree. But I also use a Moxxi gun for survival. If I were to go without Moxxi guns, I would make Brawn my priority and go a bit like this:

That is of course assuming you are going with a Renegade COM. No money shot but the circumstances require some sacrifices.

I can’t go to that.

just go the website and copy the numbers from chucks build over all of the Zeros in the URL and refresh.

And yell at chuck to fix his $(#@ :acmcheese:

That’s what you get for posting from your phone… hold on.

Edit: there you go :smile:

ok, so here is my build, I heard that Inconceivable and Money Shot actually chain together.
Now, should I still use a Suave Renegade mod?

They don’t chain with semi-auto guns (like Jakobs pistols) That’s why I advised against it.

OH, ok, didn’t know that.

Locked and Loaded is also useless, you can’t benefit from fire rate boosts with Jakobs pistols. Quick Draw is better.

Jakobs pistols on Salvador:

Noticing a trend :wink:

Edit: also, Yes, you should probably stick to the Renegade COM as it’s the only thing that can reasonably increase your DPS when you can’t benefit from fire rate boosts.

Go for a Blue Suave renegade with +6 to I’m your Huckleberry and +5 to Incite.