Best mod for this build

A little, what type of pistol should I use then?

Almost every other brand is better on Salvador (Dahl are just like Jakobs)

Torgue and Vladof are the top choices. I personally prefer Vladofs.

Maliwan and Bandit are decent. I personally don’t like Hyperion but they play well to Sal’s weaknesses (they aim for you).

But in most cases, you should probably get a Slag Rubi in your Off-hand.

2 pistols = 2x the DPS
1 pistol and a slag gun = 3x the DPS, not even counting the slag gun’s damage

The Rubi also heals you for 12% of the damage you deal, rendering any points spent in Brawn useless (so you have more points to spend in Gunlust and get NKLO)

…All of these guns benefit from most of Sal’s fire rate buffs and they’re much easier on your fingers over time.

Just try a Slag Rubi and a Vladof pistol with a Renegade COM and this setup:

…and compare. You’ll be pleasantly surprised

Think I’ll use a Vladoof, and normal slag pistols until I get Rubi.

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Try this until you get the Rubi:

And Dashboard the mission until you get a Slag one :smile:

Alrighty, so for Dashboarding, do I go to the PSN main menu on the Finish screen, or when I get back to playing?

Press the PS button, then select quit game.

Yeah, but I’m asking at what time do I do that.

At the mission end screen, when she hands you a Rubi version you don’t want.

So right where it has the Claptap celebrating and EXP given, right?

Yeah, that menu.

as long as you don’t move, the Game shouldn’t save.
Once you see the gun, if it’s not Slag elemental, PS3 button, Quit game.
It shouldn’t take more than 5-6 times if you’re not too unlucky. :smile:

I almost forgot: Since you have now switched to auto-pistols, if we go back to your earlier questions: Now the Sheriff’s badge is the best Relic possible for you.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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