Best Moze stuff for trying blacksite

Shield, artifact, etc.

Recommendations appreciated! I find it pretty tough by myself… lol

You’ll get the best recommendations if you tell us a bit about what you already have and are attempting. No Mayhem levels verse Mayhem 4 takedown are very different challenges and will lead to different suggestions.

What sort of build do you generally run and feel comfortable with?

What gear have you been attempting the Takedown with?

We can link you to a bunch of meta builds that people have taken through Takedown but it’s going to be no fun for you if compiling the gear for that build takes months of farming. So if we know what you have we can recommend additions to your load out that hopefully won’t take forever to acquire.


Thanks. I will get into the game tomorrow and summarize.

Actually, my build is pretty haphazard without a lot of thought. I “think” I have lots of good weapons and other things but I’m clearly not using them effectively. I can’t get past the entry area of the blacksite on NO mayhem. lol

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If you list your guns with any anointments, shield, mod, grenade and artifact. And then link to your build I’m sure a number of people will give you suggestions to help you out.

Just try to list everything and what kind of build you’re going for when you have everything ready. Makes it a lot easier for people to help you

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I am trying the takedown myself with a cheesy ion cannon build (blue and green tree exclusively no bear apart from auto bear). Damage is ok but survival is awful it feels like every little thing down you, I am used to Amara and I see now how all the damage reduction is actually useful. Any survival tips apart of the nade spam with vampyre?

I did a ION build video which included a Mayhem 4 takedown run here:

If you want to skip my build explanation the Takedown run starts at about 12:30. I would recommend watching if you are struggling because I explain why I’m doing what I’m doing as I proceed through the entire raid.

Here is a Wotan kill since the previous video I stop the recording before doing the Wotan fight.


The hit you got the better half with in the wotan kill was super nice. Good job. Kinda inspires me to try an ion build.

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I made some progress getting inspiration from yours ideas. I still need to get used to the clunky ib jumping in and out. I should have taken Zane or Fl4k here in second save Moze for last lol

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Lucky 7

I did some testing with a Cutpurse Rocket Boots artifact. The rockets are homing and count as melee damage. It’s a very quick way to refill about any weapon. 32 rounds of the Ion Cannon in about 2 slides. I was using a shock Handsome Jackhammer with a Transformer and refilling 1800 rounds in a couple slides. Only bad thing is it doesn’t offer anything in regards to survival.

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That’s really good information. I had no clue that cutpurse + rocket boots would give you ammo back. Does it only work for rocket launchers ?

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Cutpurse refills the ammo of any gun in your hand on melee. Most people refill their shotgun ammo with it cuz they are using the facepuncher (it does melee damage). But since the rocket Boots do melee damage at range, you can refill ammo for any gun you are holding at the time the rockets hit an enemy.

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It works for anything in your hand yes. And the Cutpurse-Launchpad can refill an entire backpack in 1-2 slams it shoots 8 melee rockets.

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So in theory it would count with knifedrain rocketboots?


The rockets should give Health back if that’s what you mean.

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A Tediore Moze is very successful in the Blacksite on M4.

If you have the patience to farm the stuff, go to the trade forum and bug the crap out of friends to be on the lookout…Took me 6 weeks to get the stuff…lol

But it’s pretty heavily gear dependent.

I use a Bloodletter with +5 in Desperate Measures with Grenade Damage

Facepuncher with Terror Proc

Transformer with 75% shields ASE

It’s Piss Grenade with 25% Weapon, Grenade and Action Skill on Grenade thrown…and it debuffs the enemy for 6 seconds for 20%

Cutpurse Deathless with Mag and AOE

Purple Tediore Shock 5 Homing Grenade Shotgun

Purple Tediore Corrosive Shotgun 5 Homing Grenades

Purple Keenfire ++SMG with 3 Homing Grenades

And this build:

Hardest thing to do is be accountable for ammo and get into a rhythm…

Proc IB
Leave IB
FacePuncher to Proc Terror (and Rebuild Ammo)
Throw It’s Piss
8 chucks with multiple spams of It’s Piss Uses approx 200 shotgun rounds…25 per chuck
By that time IB should be back up

In heavy combat chuck at your feet
same with flying targets
ONLY use the Corrosive Chucks at range…it WILL kill you if too close.

Desparate Measures at 8/5 is giving me a 133% base gun damage boost to the chucks which makes them…even with a smaller 25 round mag…just incredible.

You can offset the gun damage boosts with raising the mag size if you can’t find a Bloodletter you like.

A Green Monster with +3 or +4 in Iron Bank…and Mag size Grenade Damage and or Splash will work just as well

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What I take into the Takedown with Moze is just my normal build with her. Because I’m insane, it’s an Iron Bear focused build heh. BTW, this is on non-mayhem, so I don’t know how well it’ll fare on M4 heh. Haven’t tried yet! (Probably won’t fare so well…)

Skill tree:

Using a Bear Trooper COM that has +10% Torgue damage and +50% Torgue projectile speed bonuses.
Re-Charger shield that has a +5% health regen when full trait.
Purple Tracker grenade with a mix of bounce/cloning traits, plus the 20% chance Iron Bear spawns one upon being damaged anointment. (I switch to a Quasar during the latter part of the second Wotan phase, to suck the Maliwan troops out of the double shield bubble and pick them off piecemeal.)
Last Stand artifact with +33% AoE (splash) damage.

Weapons are:
Juliet’s Dazzle
Double-Penetrating Devastator (happens to have a +50% radiation damage for two clips after ASE anointment but it’s not something I’m married to.)
A couple of purple Torgue grenade-launcher-style-shotties I switch between (corrosive Kielbasa and NE Bologna Pony)
NE or corrosive Ion Cannon for giggles.

Iron Bear has dual rocket pods equipped, no augments.

It’s a somewhat pedestrian build and it’s not gonna speed-kill the raid and it’s probably not super-efficient, but it gets me through it. Basically I just spend as much time as I can in Iron Bear killing things. With the latest patche(s) he packs a punch now, and the rockets + anointed-grenades keep Vampyr procced to keep him going. He can take a lot of abuse now.

Specific strategies: I ignore the ratches at the beginning, take down the manned turrets, and then run through the main gate that then opens up. Run around, kill everything. Iron Bear can facetank that first Kraken and kill it quickly, no problem.

Valkyries: don’t die, heh. During Iron Bear cooldowns I just keep moving and try not to get cornered. In this build Iron Bear’s cooldown is pretty quick though.

Leading up to Wotan: the death spheres are annoying so I sometimes switch to IB explosive rounds (a little easier to snipe down airborne targets with them) or homing rockets to take them out, but usually I don’t bother.

For Wotan I don’t go for any speed kills, I play it patient and kill all the adds in each phase and then deal with Wotan at my leisure until he hits the next phase. Perhaps the trickiest bit is the double-bubble shield part. Like I mentioned before, I switch to a Quasar to suck the troops out of the bubble shields and take them down bit by bit. Eventually they stop spawning and at that point, I jump in Iron Bear and facetank Wotan until Wotan finally overcomes my Vampyr procs and IB dies, at which point I hightail it back to cover and wait for IB to cool down, and then rinse and repeat.

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Your skill trees are almost the same as mine when I briefly tested an IB-focused build for M4 recently, but I haven’t put it through its paces yet in SS or the Takedown because I’m still looking for a better shield and grenade to spruce it up. Only differences are that I had 0 points in Scrappy, Rushin’ Offensive, To The Last and Explosive Punctuation. Those 7 points went into Dakka Bear, Redistribution and Grizzled.

Tip: if you have the GR perk Topped Off and/or a COM or relic (or both) that provide faster AS cooldown rate, then you don’t need to spend a single point on Explosive Punctuation as it will just grant you diminishing returns. Topped Off also works really well with Dakka Bear because Moze is invulnerable while manning the turret, so all that time with Auto Bear active means you can ensure that Topped Off is functioning and you’ll get IB back a lot faster.

You also might find that when you eventually dip your toes in M4, the Bear Trooper’s damage just isn’t cutting the mustard for DPS. When I tested it in M4, the extra fuel was great but when you’re running Iron Bear through bullet sponge central, that extra fuel is going to be burnt up anyway just to fire more rounds to compensate for the missing damage. Seeing as you’re dealing splash damage anyway, you’re better off experimenting with a Blast Master COM, or a Mind Sweeper if that tickles your fancy more. Because fuel drain is a stat that is reduced the more you try to boost it, it also yields diminshing returns so as long as you’re doing decent damage, the fuel drain boost from Deadlines alone should suffice.

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On non-takedown M4 I seem to do alright, definitely more Iron Bear cycles though, as fuel runs out. I do switch to a Mindsweeper for certain things (like Graveward). I’ve experimented with a Blast Master but can’t quite seem to connect with it as of yet. More experimenting to do! :smiley:

Good point about Topped Off. I had points put into Explosive Punctuation before I had Topped Off unlocked and never bothered to respec once I had unlocked it, heh.

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