Best Multi Com Axton Build

Been playing with this idea in my head for a few days. A build that will work well with multiple coms without compromising too much. No need to go to a speccing station, just switch coms!! Assumes I am using Magic Missiles most of the time as a grenade (which I do)…but would work fine for Fastballs as well albeit a few less grenades.

Feel free to comment and improve upon it.

In my mind this will work exceptionally well with:
Legendary Soldier
Blue Chaotic Neutral Ranger, +6 Impact, +5 Ranger…or vice versa
Blue Chaotic Evil Ranger, +6 Impact, +5 Ranger…or vice versa
Blue Expert Grenadier, +6 Steady, +5 Grenadier
Blue Expert Veteran, +6 Steady, +5 Pressure

There may be others but in truth, these five coms are always in my backpack and I play with them probably 95% of the time.


That actually looks quite familiar for some reason! I’ve been playing around with leg. Soldier/Ranger/other combos. I’ll have to go back and look at what I actually have on my level 72 Axton.

I tend to use this as it supports a lot of coms

Very similar…a point here or there…

Only real difference is I do not spec Able unless I am using a Legendary Ranger. I just don’t think Able does much for you below 6/5 spec.

I have been throwing extra points lately into Crisis Management and have been surprised at a different “feel” of the game…It is definitely kicking in way more than I expected.

Especially when using a Blockade or Big Boom Blaster. Bee??..not so much.

Its been awhile since I used it but doesn’t the legendary point man boost able. I used to run it a lot so my able was 8/5. And I took a point from battle front and gave to grit when.I used it. I personally don’t spec grit in most situations

Believe you are correct…Been a while since I did a Pointman Build.

Grit is actually VERY good at 5/5 or above…kicks in waaaaay more than the percentages shown.

I do Craw with a 26-15-26 build with a Conference call and Chaotic Neutral Ranger with +5 Impact and +6 Grit.

Grit at 11/5 is almost a sure thing…it can be hilarious sometimes…gonging away.

Yeah I like grit for some things like sawtooth and the dragons (shurders). Also double up/Gemini is good I just think its a bit over used for my taste

Just looked and indeed it does.

Pointman: Pressure, Grit, Last Ditch Effort, Able, Healthy; Health regen and max health
Engineer: Battlefront, Resourceful, Sentry, Impact, Able; faster cooldown
Ranger: Ranger, Quick Charge, Onslaught, Impact, Metal Storm; Team shield recharge rate & delay
Soldier: Sentry, Ready, Impact, Exerptise, Healthy, Preparation; cooldown rate, gun damage, and fire rate

This is the build I’m currently using, which lets me switch through all the above:

Not sure that’s the best use of the points?

Thanks all of axtons leg coms are very good. Also are you looking for build advice? If so I can help if u want.

Just responding to @johnrr6 about a build for multiple COMs without respecing. I only do level 72 though - not sure how the above would work beyond that. Mostly I’m running Soldier, and switch to Ranger for co-op or Pointman if things get too heavy. THe Engineer COM I have gives a much bigger boost to cooldown than my Soldier one (45% versus 38%), but I’m not really sold on the Engineer - the Soldier is just too good!

Actually I looked at it and it looks good. I personally wouldn’t take 5/5 able but that’s just me. Nice build

That’s a good build.

For Legendary Soldier you can even get away with a 6/5 in Ready and throw the points into Crisis Management or use points from Able in Crisis management…

IF and only if…you are in heavy fighting where your shield goes down a lot and starts dipping into health.

I used to scoff at Crisis Management and only specced it with a Rough Rider. But found at places like the Magic Circle of Slaughter and even the Peak…it kicks in a LOT. And Able helps…but it never seems to help enough so I rarely spec it since I can throw a Magic Missile or Chain Lightning and switch to a Grog or shoot my DPUH and switch to a grog to rebuild my health so fast…Plus Preparation at 10/5 is just soooooo good.

Nothing beats the Legendary Soldier in my book…

It’s the best all around com in the game.

Hey…off track a bit but I just had a thought…four Axtons

With Legendary Rangers and the stacking of Delay and Recharge

With low Delay Blockades…or even Bees

We are talking a delay of maybe less than a Second and a Blocakde that recharges in a little over a second.

Like MASSIVE Tediore quick Shields…WITH 38% Continuous Damage Resistance!

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If I were on PC I would be more than happy to try this. You could face tank with a bee.

Now throw in 4 Axtons with Dual Slag Turrets to block/channel the enemy/distract and most important SLAG

8 Turrets!!!

AND those shield stats!

Heck you could basically time it so 2-4 turrets were out the entire game…LOL

Wow. That would be one epic combo. That would make raids so easy. Have you ever tried 4 Axtons all chucking against a raid boss?

There was a video or two of that recently, wasn’t there? I remember a couple of Axtons against the dragons, at least. Wasn’t it posted in the new Axton skill guide thread or something?

I’ll happily join in any 360 Axton goofiness, as long as it’s not OP!

It was in a thread I saw. John was in it lol. Some video of 4 axtons with gunner coms to get insane right rate. Something like 400% from the com and 10/5 metal storm. (Rough guess on the number)

[quote=“johnrr6, post:6, topic:1262789”]Grit is actually VERY good at 5/5 or above…kicks in waaaaay more than the percentages shown.[/quote]Do elaborate on this if you would: Grit is something I always avoid, but I have seen videos of Axton getting hammered by something lethal (like Voracidous or something), and Grit is firing constantly. The proc rate shown on the card does seem lower than what it is in reality.

I’ve been trying to wean my Commandos off using the Legendary Soldier COM. My Torgue commando doesn’t sweat it too much; Torgue guns do great without too much help needed from Axton’s skill tree or COMs, so he’s more at liberty to use whatever. My Dahl commando is pleasantly surprised at how nice a blue Ranger COM (+6 Impact, +5 Ranger, Reload and Fire Rate buffs) is.

[quote=“VaultHunter101, post:17, topic:1262789”]There was a video or two of that recently, wasn’t there? I remember a couple of Axtons against the dragons, at least. Wasn’t it posted in the new Axton skill guide thread or something?[/quote]Johnrr6, a couple of other dudes, and I were playing with four Auto Gunner Commandos to see what that would be like. We eventually wound up fighting the dragons, but the other two left, and Johnrr6 and I took them out. That topic is here.

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Can I step into this for a quick comment, just because my love for that skill knows no bounds? Grit is ridiculous when it’s maxed out. Sometimes it feels like god mode, specially after you start trusting it. That proc chance is there for bullet, melee and DoT damage. It will fail you from time to time, but it does proc a lot. You feel invincible when you hit a proc chain and it starts clanking away. There were so many times I thought I was going into FFYL for sure and even started preparing for it, and Grit kept me alive long enough to get my shields up, get the upper hand and kill whatever was killing me. In my personal opinion, the only reasons not to spec into Grit are if you feel is too cheap to play with it or if you don’t plan on going down the Survival tree to reach Gemini. I really think it’s a much better choice in the Survival tree than Forbearance, Healthy, Phalanx Shield or Mag Lock and I’ll take it over any of them every time. I have it maxed out on my regular Double Up/Gemini build and I played with it for a very long time. When I first started trying out an explosive build not specced into Grit, I started dying a lot. That’s because I was used to it saving my ass constantly and I realized it allowed me to subconsciously face tank almost every enemy in the game. I had to rethink my playstyle and really start being more careful when I didn’t have any points in it. People say Axton doesn’t have any true “game changer” skills. He does, but it is a defensive skill. It’s Grit. Basically, Grit is awesome. I know that a lot of people don’t like it, for whatever reasons they have (I’m sure they’re good enough reasons), but personally… If I have the points to spend, I’ll take it without thinking twice. The problem is that on most of the more specific Axton builds (such as explosive Axton), you usually can’t get to it without taking points away from other more important skills.

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