Best Non-Leg Gear For Thorn To Survive Adv Archuve w/o Dying?

Ok so me and two friends are going to be trying to get me my “Thorn passes the Archive on Advanced without losing a life” lore achievement.

Recommended Thorn gear?

(Non legendary)


Thanks in advance.

I used free shard generator, free cooldown, and legendary skill damage (any skill damage works)
Buy turrets, stand back and snipe, if anything gets close blight. Got it first try easy
That was solo though

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Which legendary?

Do it solo and on hardcore. That’s the easiest way to do it. I just used extra health gear, a shard generator, and shield strength gear.

Do it solo, and do it on hardcore. It’s way easier than it sounds.

It was a load out for a different char so not positive atm. It gave little over 9% skill damage and keeps enemy shields from recharging. The legendary wasn’t really important just anything with skill damage for blight

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I just used skill damage, health regen (the best you can get, ideally an Eldrid one so you can get bonus % without a shield) and attack damage. I’m sure you could use damage reduction as well but when I did it the main challenge was killing the enemies while escorting the bots to the sentry so I tried to make them as easy to kill as possible rather than hoping to survive longer.

Also do it on hardcore, no downside since you can’t die at all, and I’d recommend solo, don’t let the enemies beef up.


Solo and advanced hardcore?

For serious?

There’s so many mobs!

Not advanced, just solo hardcore.

OOPS nevermind you have to do it advanced, been a quick minute since I originally did it.

Still very do able though, my friends who have done it mostly did it first try solo and I had the hardest time and maybe only took 3 real tries.

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@Orgalorgorg @timtoborne

One of the requirements for the lore challenge is it has to be on Advanced though…

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You could go in with no gear at all and do this. It’s ridiculously easy.

However, some items to consider would be Drained Survivor’s Regrowth Serum (flawed, lots of health regen), Antiquated Fortifying Ekkuni Wristguard (flawed, boosts survivability and damage), and Antiquated Fortifying Golemic Sigil (flawed, boosts survivability and damage), Antiquated Fortifying Glyph of Insight (flawed, boosts survivability and crit damage).

Only three sections are remotely difficult. When the door opens, you want to go through and spread out on the ledge to the right. That way all the fire isn’t concentrated on you AND Chronicle, and you have cover to utilize. Just standing in front of Chronicle is a bad idea, although with three players it probably won’t matter. When Chronicle reaches the lower area, you’ll want to take out anchors fast and blight/ult them to clear enemies. Should be super easy to take out Brutes, Bonecrushers, and Enforcers, since you’re Thorn. And finally, when Chronicle gets back through the door, make sure to all be there with him. Aside from that, buy thumpers everywhere you can. While you can’t power-level in story mode, and a more expensive loadout is more viable than in PvP, a single thumper is arguably more valuable than your entire loadout.


It’s really not all that difficult. You just have to play her more like a sniper, get penetration on all helixes that allow it, and you need enough map knowledge to know when to push and when to f*ck off. I did it in one go, and I’m friggin terrible with Thorn.

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Gain shards and build turrets. Ask your friends to pick strong characters, they won’t even need you to get into the fight. For example, two good Montanas will shred everything apart the second it spawns.

Hardcore is not necessary. It is enough not to die in non-hardcore mode. But if you die, you still can complete the mission, get gear probably, and not feel yourself defeated.

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Maybe we just don’t have enough experience with it, but it definitely doesn’t seem to be as easy as you guys allsne it sound.

That yellow progress bar along the top moves slower than level 1 Attikus and tgere are mobs and fire everywhere, and then when he finally does start moving to his final objective, he seems to take HEAVY damage VERY quickly.

We toiled away at it for more than an hour last weekend and almost had it until Chronicle got killed seemingly in one mob Attack right at the end…

The reason I suggested hardcore mode, is because the entire mission is a pain in the ass. You get maybe one or two pieces of gear for it, and it’s hardly worth the 45 minutes.

I just suggested the hardcore mode for those who don’t want to grind through it if they die once.

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Most likely. If you do this mission several times you can learn where, when and what mobs spawn and you will then know how to act in advance.

[quote=“timtoborne, post:14, topic:1547900, full:true”]The reason I suggested hardcore mode, is because the entire mission is a pain in the ass. You get maybe one or two pieces of gear for it, and it’s hardly worth the 45 minutes.

I just suggested the hardcore mode for those who don’t want to grind through it if they die once.[/quote]
I assume in OP’s situation it’s more reasonable to complete the mission anyway even if you die - just to learn the mission better.


If you’re having that difficult a time, instead of activating chronicle right away run around to all the large shards. Wait a min or two and they respawn. Buy every thumper turret you can and the slow traps. You will hardly have to kill anything at all.

Solo is much easier also



I’m doing it for the second last lore challenge for Thorn, not for grinding.

She has to complete the Archive on Advanced without losing a life.


That’s sound advice.

I’ll definitely give that a try, thanks.

Parts that require attention:
0) Build the first turret before the gate. You will need it later.

  1. Chronicle opens a gate. Many enemies run to you, spawn from anchor, etc.
  2. Chronicle arrives to that gate on his way back. There are a few really confusing spawns behind you, ignore them and keep with Chronicle. When he gets to that first turret I mentioned in item 0), you’ll encounter massive spawn. That’s why you have to have a thumper turret up and be there with Chronicle. If you don’t, he won’t survive without you.

All other parts are easy mode, just build all turrets and they will do most of the job for you.

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A tip as well would be before you put all the shards into your pal to advance at the start just hold on for 5-10 mins and the large shards will regenerate once. If you do this you can activate all your gear before the first door comes down.

Then after you get to the point when he goes to the safe spot and before you meet melka you can run everywhere and activate all the turrets ahead of time so when he starts moving everything is built.

These 2 steps are slow but safe