Best Non-Leg Gear For Thorn To Survive Adv Archuve w/o Dying?

Well, I don’t mean you’re trying to grind, I mean it becomes a pain in the ass to continue the mission once you’ve lost a life.

I’m saying this as someone who has all but four of the characters mastered, and have played each of the story missions so many times, I subconciously know where everything spawns, and when is a good time to go for them.

As far as story missions go, The Archive is one of the most tedious, as you don’t control the flow of the mission, the sentry does. 45 minutes of following a sentry around is not fun. Especially at low levels, which is where you’re most likely to die.

I just did that lore mission on Adv. Hardcore because I hated it, and I knew that statistically, you are most likely to die before you hit level 6, and after you do, the odds of death lower immensely, ad long as you are proactive about building thumper turrets.

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I understand now, thanks.

Yeah, take it from me, two pieces of gear and an uncommon pack are not worth 45 minutes or slogging through the same mobs over and over.

Try it a few times with your pal, and if it doesn’t work after a while, do it solo, and do it on hardcore. You’ll thank me later. As long as you know where to go and when to go there, it’s a piece of cake.

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True. If you haven’t wasted your life playing the sh*t out of this game, you won’t have the best map knowledge. In that case, just learn the mission first.


Are you in ps4? I can help :slight_smile:

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On xbox I can play as Kleese and ya can just stand behind lol he’s so big nothing would hit ya

Alani Song of vigor+ vigilante link+ her legendary
Thorn with regen with regen + skill dmg with hp+ hp

If you can wait the big shards of the begening respawn every 10 min.

Thats the easy slow secure way.

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Just an fyi, because as without +shield you have no shield with Eldrid, you can’t satisfy the “shields depleted” requirement, and will not recieve the buff given by the gear

Is it odd that I love the archive so much? It’s probably my favorite mission, followed closely by Saboteur and then Voids Edge

Just jump and shoot man.

Gosh I gotta go find that video now

I like a Purple Jennerit glove that gives + attack damage and attack speed, I think it’s the Eviscerating Endoskeletal Graft, but I could be wrong. I also like any type of health regen gear, particularly with + attack damage or attack speed as a secondary. I would go for a blue +attack speed / + attack speed on health damage as my third… A shard generator in the third spot is also fine. I have often run those three (without the shard gen) with lower CR players or just on 5 player so I don’t hog shards and can still build yet have effective gear for this level. I find playing the level effectively (building the thumper immediately, building the thumper to the right of the first area after the door, clearing the Varelsi area before running into the info bots area, staying with Chronicle at the end when he comes back into the first area etc.) to be more important than gear though. edit : of course being very cautious on the first part is important too, if you have your own team, make sure to pick up all the shards on the left of the first area before engaging enemies, or with randoms, go to the right but try not to get caught in the middle, I like to clear the far right anchor first then sweep the middle, but easier said than done with randoms

Done and done, you guys.

Not sure why we found it do hard last weekend.

This time we were me as Thorn and my buddies as Oscar and Rath drawing Aggro.

Each had Shard generators and we bought all the turrets.

It was legit too easy!

Lore challenges for Thorn 4 out of 5 done now!

Thanks for all the tips.


Congrats glad ya got it :slight_smile:

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