Best Non-legendaries to look for

Optimized Q-System is one of my best weapons, even after doing a lot of farming.

I wonder how many great non-legendary weapons I am just leaving on the ground b/c I don’t know they’re good. What do you think are the ones to pay attention to?


Mashers of course. But as far as “ratatatata” I prefer Dahl over Atlas and Vladof.

Torgue Shredded Bangstick shotguns for all that exploding goodness. Yes, even post-nerf they’re still quite potent.

A purple grenade with Homing/Bouncy/Money is nice to have as well, for maxing SDUs on characters. I have one that also has MIRV, so when I toss it on mayhem 3 it rains money.

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If you you were a putz and did side missions while leveling is there a way to get another masher that is max level?

Hyperion hosts are awesome shotguns


Maliwan Quasar SMGs are amazing and about the only Maliwan weapons I enjoy using.

Hyperion Crowdsourcing Shotguns.

Jakobs double barrel shotguns.

Dahl Assault Rifles named after Big Cats.

Mashers, obvs (anyone found one WITHOUT a negative weapon damage attribute besides the Torque elemental alien weapon one?).

Torque Duke pistols (I have a Blue 138 x 2 damage one right now that is decimating everything, I’m level 31).

Those single shot but very fast firing Jakobs Carbine Assault Rifles are amazing, especially with scopes.

Any sniper rifle with a firing rate of 5 or above (preferably more like 7-10) makes an excellent shotgun. I think I’ve found these mainly in Hyperion.

EDIT: x 2 Damage Atlas Q Systems are great too, in my opinion. They seem to be much more accurate than their accuracy stat would indicate.

I’ll take a look through my inventory next time I load up and see what else I’ve been using and hanging onto.


Seconded. The Q-system should be reclassified as Orange and 10 of the worst Orange assault rifles should be reclassified as Green.


Dahl mngwa ARs



Such as?

You cannot find Mashers without negative weapon damage. Thats how the pellets are calculated.
A Masher is basically a Jacobs pistol that has a part such as “+4 projectiles / - 60% weapon damage”. The - weapon damage is already calculated in the weapon sheet.

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Thanks for for the info.

They existed in BL1 (Mashers without negative weapon damage).

They shall be forever missed.

I’m pretty sure the Mashers in BL1 just didn’t show the -weapon damage as a stat. It doesn’t make much sense that it appears as a stat at all right now, since the 522 x 5 dmg shown is already calculated with the - weapon damage.


I wonder if the legendary Jacobs pistols like the unforgiven can come with the masher attachment?

I just picked up a Host based on this comment, and I can confirm, it’s great!

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The protuberance (torgue shtogun with alien barrel) does a shitton of damage, but it’s so rare i haven’t seen one in 120h of play.

Boring, but I love the Dahl pistols with full auto firing mode. Particularly the omniloader which is a quest reward.

Straight forward, but very effective. And the omniloader is great with slow reload weapons since reloading it reloads all of your equipped guns. You get into a nice rhythm switching up weapons to dump a mag and then get a super quick reload from the Omniloader

I traded it to a buddy of mine, so I don’t remember the exact base-type, but I’d come across a Torgue pistol that had some incredible RNG to it. It was 1shotting anything that wasn’t a badass in M3, even off-element(It was corrosive) and would 2-3 shot badasses.

It had a 5 round mag, with an alien barrel that said it fired all 5 shots at once; Delayed explosion(About 2-3 seconds) and a splash radius of about 300. It was made even better by its Annointed effect, which said Next two mags(Read: Two shots outside of FL4K, slow firing Moze) had 50% increased corrosive after skill end.

If there ever comes a time where I want to/can manipulate the game and mass produce this pistol, I happily will spread its toxic love to anyone who wants it.

Gawd damnit, for real?

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I think they are called hive mind smg’s? they are alien barrel hyperion smg’s, they have really good stats and are amazing with a few m3 modifiers in your favor.

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Sadly no. It could in BL1 and was godlike.