Best Non-Unique Gear

Uniques are cool, but what, in your opinion, are the best non-unique guns and shields of every manufacturer?

I asked a similar question earlier:

My pick is Atlas Cost Effective Optimized Q-System. Others liked Jacobs Mashers, Shredded Bangsticks, and Hyperior Host.

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Didn’t notice your thread, sorry for that.

Still, I would Love to also know people’s favourite COV, Tediore, Maliwan etc guns as well, so I think I will keep this one.

I myself still didnt play the game enough to say my preferences.

Maliwan Quasar SMGs are amazing and about the only Maliwan weapons I enjoy using.

Hyperion Crowdsourcing Shotguns.

Jakobs double barrel shotguns.

Dahl Assault Rifles named after Big Cats.

Mashers, obvs (anyone found one WITHOUT a negative weapon damage attribute besides the Torque elemental alien weapon one?).

Torque Duke pistols (I have a Blue 138 x 2 damage one right now that is decimating everything, I’m level 31).

Those single shot but very fast firing Jakobs Carbine Assault Rifles are amazing, especially with scopes.

Any sniper rifle with a firing rate of 5 or above (preferably more like 7-10) makes an excellent shotgun. I think I’ve found these mainly in Hyperion.

EDIT: x 2 Damage Atlas Q Systems are great too, in my opinion. They seem to be much more accurate than their accuracy stat would indicate.

I’ll take a look through my inventory next time I load up and see what else I’ve been using and hanging onto.

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Thank you for your opinions, I pretty much agree that all the weapons mentioned are good and fun to use.

I personaly liked most of Maliwan weapons I’ve used, and Jacobs bolt action Snipers.
I still find, that whenever Jacobs Double-barrel shotgun drops, I will always pick it up and have fun with it.

I also found Double Torgue ARs to be really good, as well as COV pistols that become faster as you hold the trigger, to the point where they basicly can be called 3 bullet/shot Vladovs (I think they are called “Preachers” but might be not).

Can’t remember more from the top of my head right now, might add more later.

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Forgot to mention Vladof pistols, especially x2 damage ones.

So fast, commonly quite accurate too, and they really pump a LOT of bullets out pretty accurately before the recoil brings the barrel too far up!

And yeah, double Torque ARs too, another one I forgot to mention, thank you!

And Torque big 2 shot explosive shotguns!


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When I get off work and can load the game back up I’ll have to check the name of it… But I have a lvl 13 torgue pistol in my bank that has a 5 round clip - and shoots 5 ammo at once. It was also incendiary so when I was running Lectra City on my second character I loved not having to target those enemies more than once (aside the name ones) and moving into the next target while it reloaded.




I got the exact same gun at level 13 except mine was Corrosive!

Maybe it’s a mission reward.

If you have the gun I had, it’s Blue rarity Torque 30ish x 5 damage, fires all 5 shots in the mag at once as an elemental grenade that sticks to targets and explodes shortly after?

Mine was called an “Oozing Carbunkle”.

Is yours a “Burning Carbunkle”?

Apparently that’s the Torque alien gun, inspect it, it’s cool looking!

That sounds really powerful, I never got anything like that

If it’s a mission reward all I’m left wondering is why I didn’t get it on my first playthrough… And how can I get it on TVHM cause this gun rocks.

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Yeah, I used mine for a loooong time!

So weird that we both got ours at level 13, right around the same area / point in the game as each other.

A strange twist of fate!

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How do you guys feel about Atlas AX series pistols?

While I love their Q System ARs a lot, I’m never sure how I feel about their pistols.

Also I’m embarrassed to admit that I almost NEVER use the tracker pucks / bullets when I use Atlas weapons.

They’re okay. They could use another 5-10% extra damage. The wrist rockets aren’t that great though. I’ve yet to take advantage of the splash damage.

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I bought the game recently and started playing as Moze. I don’t have much Legendaries for grenade builds or special builds but, unlimited ammo + rare and epic Vladof heavy cannons (Shrak) in corrosive and rad, set to ‘mortar’ mode is getting me through mayhem 3 farming annointed and mobs relatively easy.


I find the one that fires in burst to be good, the full auto to be ok, and I haven’t really played with explosive one so I dunno about that one.

When it comes to trackers, I prefer being able to connect one to critical spot, but the tracker grenade can easily mark a big crowd so it actualy might be better against multiple normal mobs.

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Ok, Maliwan Pulsat SMGs look and fire very similarly to old school Plasmacasters, I’m on board.

Torque Bologna Poney (:joy::joy::joy: Torque has the best gun names in this game, hands down) Shotguns are very fast and accurate, I loved the similar Torque Shotguns like that in 2 also.

And, if you ever, EVER find a Torque “Blister” alien gun, never, ever stop using it.

It spews highly irradiated poo-sludge from sn alien anus mouth with an actual sphincter in it, which does increasing damage the longer you fire, and it absolutely melts everything. Pics below.

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CoV Flamer Throwers (COV Rocket Launchers)

E-Tech Torgue AR’s are basically flame throwers.

E-Tech Dhal AR’s chain damage to nearby enemies.

Anointed Beast Master with the Gamma burst perk for 65% Bonus Radiation Damage.

Anointed Gunner Guns that have +120% Splash Damage when exiting Iron bear (Only if it’s actually a weapon with splash damage)

Well, sh*t… i always pass on Q-systemwhatever the hell those atlas are called, every atlas gun apart from rebel yell have seemed pretty lackluster to me so i always ignore it. i need to give these a try some more. they seem to drop pretty often

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So yesterday I was able to play and try some more maliwan guns.

Like FlamesForAll said, Pulsar smgs are rll good, gotta Love that splash damage.

Maliwan’s Terminator shotgun is a great weapon, doesnt take long to charge and then hits hard with multiple Elemental Pellets, better used with BL2 style Round Magazine and grip that increases pellets per shot.

Maliwan Shockwave shotguns are extremely powerful but have a slow charge time and can only do any damage upclose. If you play constantly in enemy face, it might be too slow, but, if you are willing to play a bit more defensively, they can do great.

Also yesterday got a Torgue Poney shotgun with magazine that replaced multiple pellets with one High-damaging grenade per shot, if you can hit stickies into critical spots with no problems, you can kill a badass without too much problems with it.

Finaly, The Antimatter Rifle, a Maliwan sniper with alien barrel, this weapon has no charge at all, shoots one high-damaging elemental shot and, ofcourse, comeswith 2 elements. It’s crazy powerful but uses up 3 ammo per shot, with such poor ammo economy, you can’t really use it for mobbing, but it shines when you need to kill a badass, as long as you don’t mind switching your weapons for that.


I checked, they are called Holey-Man.

Thank you to everyone who contributed here so far btw :slight_smile:

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