Best Noob Character for Wife

hello all, first time poster so I’m sorry if this technically belongs somewhere else. My lovely wife has agreed to play through the borderlands games with me. We are diametrically opposed when it comes to gaming, so I could use some advice on the best noob character/class. For insight, my wife’s primary complaint in the past is that she is unable to make precision shots (“I can’t turn like you can!”), and because she is so competitive she gets frustrated. Is there a good class that is “not just a medic” that she can both play a supportive role but hold her own…maybe a good tank class or a class that she can hide behind a rock and let loose a robot to do combat for her?


First of all, it sounds like your wife is RAD. :slight_smile:

Secondly, I’d have her give Gaige a shot for BL2. Lots of great skills and perks that make up for lack of accuracy, as she says. Plus, who doesn’t love Dethtrap??? For TPS, maybe Nischa since Showdown makes it easy to chain the kills together.


Wilhelm. He sends out drones to fight for him and heal him. And his Overcharge skill is great team support.


Nisha has auto aiming.

Just sayin’.

My wife is the same way. She wants to play and do well, but only plays about once every other week. By then she has forgotten a lot of what she learned. So she doesn’t understand how to use the skills.

I am not complaining. I am very happy she enjoys playing video games, and welcome her anytime.

BTW, my wife likes to play Nisha.

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athena. she has her damage absorbin shield thatll revive people and her sword for blood rush. with the right skills she has crazy health regen and massive shield and health. she is alotta fun to play, especially with rend and blood rush. no real learning curve. face enemies and activate shield

Thanks for the quick responses. After some quick research, I’m going to suggest Nisha to my wife. @shaolincfh, that’s a good suggestion but I think my wife might get bored constantly waiting for the Hulk Smash super to come up. With Nisha, I can start her out using a pistol and shotgun combo and she can carry that throughout the entire first game. I would make my decisions based on supporting her gaming strategy. Her special would also merely be an extension of what she uses as her loadout. Thanks again!

I would say mordecai with bloodwing tree for BL1 because it is VERY easy to contribute with some of the skills in there and with practice the other trees will be very good to branch into later. Other than that she can do well with SMG focus and lilith for spray and pray dps or brick for tankiness and just punching things!

For BL2 I would go with gaige bc deathtrap and skills that let misses turn into dps. Another option would be krieg for good survivability and recover options or maya for support and spray and pray dps.

for TPS I would go with Nisha first. Tell her she will go into FFYL a lot, but that she will do a ton of damage so it’s a trade-off. second would be jack bc jacks will help her get kills AND be very hard to kill if she likes to run around.


Wilhelm seems to be the logical choice: pet class draws aggro, relatively straightforward skill tree design, tanky character.

But she might feel more like a superstar with Nisha cuz Showdown.

just a forewarning about nisha… her action skill when ads can get crazy. dont use the right analog stick to adjust your/her aim cuz itll switch all around the battlefield and can get frustrating until you/she gets accustomed to it. Nisha automatically aims for crit spots when ADS. Hulk Smash???

Not if she goes down the Law and Order tree.

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Lol, I played Borderlands 1 many years ago. I’m missing some of the context of what you were referring to; the special you are talking about with athena sounded like a hulk smash with regen powers. I don’t understand the words that are coming out of your mouth…

true, but unless she likes melee it’s not quite as fun IMO as either of the other two trees. And first play through if she doesn’t rush in too much the right tree should actually keep her alive pretty well just by putting out lots of pain down range.

haha fair enuf. Blood rush is a melee over ride and it is pure awesomeness. from a fairly long distance you will dash attack an enemy causing massive damage. her Shield… well think captain america but more awesome. it absorbs incoming damage and stores it until you thro it, the more damage you absord the more damage you do. she has lots of health and shield (with the right skills) and some really good health regen skills as well. Athena is a really good starting character but like others have said … it doesnt really matter, cuz they all have their strengths and weakness. except athena :heart_eyes:
athena was my first to lvl 60 cuz she was fun
nisha was second to 60 cuz everything dies
aurelia was third cuz well cryo
timmy was fourth cuz Timmy is exploding jacks everywhere
wilhelm is waiting for his buddies and stuck at 57
clappy is lonely at 50

And Timothy

they fixed the cooldown :sob:

I was talking about Leadership abuse

just an fyi… my best friends girl has been Lilith, Maya, Gaige, Athena, Nisha. and my other lady friend was mostly the same and they loved those toons…

?? what you mean? leadership abuse?

Leadership triggers every kill skill when a digi-jack dies. And when they respawn when you move too far away from them, it counts as them dying. So just by moving around, you can have constant health regen, shield regen, chance to not use ammo, movement speed increase, and damage increases

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hehe thats what i do as i enter a map im just running thru. jacks stay active and everything dies as i run past!!! or like in the RedBelly arena i like to run the outside of his area and just let the jacks do their thing!