Best of the Old Forum?

Hello there! Since I have discovered this forum 4 years ago, I was reading about this mythical “old forum” that has been lost (kind of). It seems that people are quite fond of it. At the time, I didn’t have an opportunity to be part of it (wasn’t aware of it), the only thing I had was empty pockets and demo version of Borderlands 1. So, what are your “best of” of old forum?

Well most of the Borderlands knowledge database was phased over to this forum, so if you are looking for any info about guns or general knowledge in BL1 - it’s all here!

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Thank, mate! I was expecting some kind of “forbidden knowledge” type of thing. Maybe it was just my imagination (ha-ha), maybe I’ve made a distorted picture from the comments. I’ve scanned (didn’t have much patience for hundreds of topics) archived version of old forum, didn’t find anything special and decided to ask you (I see forum is still active - “item find of the day” is still kicking :smiley: ).

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I think what most people mean when they talk about missing the old forum is the engine/layout/feature set (vBulletin), which is quite a bit different to the new one (Discourse). Having used both, there are pros and cons for each.


Ah, Nostalgia. Mind you, it isn’t what it used to be.


Just wait until you see the next decade’s nostalgia - I hear it’s going to be of even poorer quality than our current nostalgia.

I really miss 1980s nostalgia - that was the best. :older_man:


We try to keep some topics alive, but it’s difficult to compete with BL3…


There’s still some stuff that was lost and now seems inaccessible - notably the instructions for activating debug mode on PC, which would let you see the Awesome Level of gear. I’m sure there was more too…


I wonder if @Mr_GJ still has that information somewhere? It would probably be a good thing to have in the PC Tech Support section (although I don’t know if it will work on the remaster?)

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ah yes the old forums… Had some good times on them.