Best Off-Meta and/or Underrated Weapons and Items

I wanted to start a new thread for discussion of all of our personal favorite “off-meta” or underrated weapons in BL3. By “off-meta” and/or underrated, what I mean is that you won’t see many people using the weapon in common builds, and the weapon does not appear in the TG listing, even though it might appear in the “Second Cut” list.

BL3 has gotten a little bit stale for a lot of the hardcore playerbase, and so this is the time to try out weapons that are not super-commonly used in the meta builds for that particular VH. The goal of this thread is to help folks discover new weapons and/or combinations to try.

Attn Mods - there is already a thread for “underrated weapons,” but it has not had activity in more than a year, so I started a new topic instead of necro’ing the old one.

Post your choices here, indicating any or all of the following (among anything else you want to explain about your pick):

  1. Weapon name
  2. If the weapon requires certain prefixes/anointments to be effective, list the prefixes or anointments needed
  3. Vault Hunter/s on which your weapon excels
  4. Why the weapon is good
  5. Why the weapon is off-meta or underrated

Let’s discuss and discover some new weapons and combinations!


I’ll start it off:

  1. Weapon name - Dowsing Rod

  2. Prefixes or anointments needed - You would probably want a Consecutive Hits, 300/90, or N2M, but these certainly are not required in order for it to be a good one. No prefix required either, but again, if you use the double prefix the weapon is even better because it fires more grenades. Alternative firing mode - grenade launcher - is what you want to use.

  3. Vault Hunter/s on which your weapon excels - Moze (Blast Master or Mindsweeper)

  4. Why the weapon is good - Because due to Moze’s skill set (Redistribution, Means of Destruction, and Forge, Cloud of Lead, etc.), she never has to reload it and can fire the grenade launcher firing mode forever. Add in passive AOE and mag size, and you can get the mag up above 10 if you want, which REALLY means you never have to reload. This weapon is True Takedown ready and still deletes everything on TTD modes.

  5. Why the weapon is off-meta or underrated - I am not quite certain, but my guess is that most players see the low base damage of the primary firing mode and don’t even try it.


Oh boy I love these threads! Ok my fav leg is The Horizon shotgun. It has a singularity affect that pulls enemies towards it then explodes. Anything singularity in this game is just fun to me. The rag doll affect is hilarious. Not being a boss killer or high damage weapon it really is fun using it on mobs. You get it from maxitrillion on eden 6. Non leg I don’t really have a favorite especially at max level other than the atlas rifle q system. I don’t think it’s “meta” but it is one I look for leveling up a new character. Good topic btw, can’t wait to see others response.


@YIPIKIYA I have never used the Horizon and I am not sure I have ever even tried to farm it from Maxi. I will have to try it!

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One of my favorites is the Soul Render due to the accuracy, fire rate, and the skull bombs that get shot out occasionally. The twins dropped me a corrosive consecutive hits version so I gave it to Moze and let her rip through the Maliwan Takedown. I guess it’s not popular due to the Monarch? I like how it handles and the firing sound.


The kensei class mod is underrated. You can get like 1800% bonus ASE element damage. And it allows Amara to fakegrasp to proc ASE’s again.

Totally as good as the phazezurker. Just a little harder to farm for.

  1. Rubberized Amplified Thumper grenade (Pangolin Jumping Sticky Link)

  2. 25% OGT or 150% ASA. Mindsweeper COM

  3. Moze

  4. Normally sticky on Pangolin grenades do not explode on every bounce and instead just lay down sticky proximity mines. However when combined with Jumping then every bounce both explodes and plants a sticky which then detonated after a few seconds or whenever someone comes close.

Also the damage and blast radius seem to increase the whole way through instead of stopping after the 5th bounce so when the last 1-2 stickies go off and especially the final Spring nade at the end the explosions are incredibly large and destructive. This seems even more the case when using Mindsweeper.

  1. Non-Atlas Purple grenades are often overlooked as most aren’t that great

Rubber Amp Thumper Athenas video YT


This sounds dangerous, where do I sign up?

I truly wish more of the purple grenade mods were useable, triple sticky(Fixative) grenades offer the best non Fish Slap grenade damage with the Peregrine COM.


It’s a must going through the story but I haven’t tried it endgame yet. Also it did get a buff a while back so I might get one to try.

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Did not know this, thanks!

@hrc951 I don’t think I would personally call the Soulrender underrated, but I certainly understand why you might think that. Personally, I would call it properly rated. This is one of the absolute best ARs in the game and is amazing on all 4 VHs. Maybe slightly less amazing on Amara and perhaps Fl4k, but it is still really good on them, just not as good as it is on Moze and Zane in my experience. The weapon is top-tier on Moze and Zane and I don’t feel like that is much of a secret. But maybe so, I am not quite sure - sometimes I get things twisted because I spend a lot of time with BL3 and I take things for granted.

You mentioned the Monarch, this weapon is perhaps slightly overrated in my opinion. It’s really good, don’t get me wrong, but having to use bipod mode and the movement speed penalty that comes with it is a big drawback to it in my book.

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Great call @ucfmatt, I will have to try this! And yes @vCarpeDiemv, this grenade does sound mildly suicidal LOL

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If you used a Red Suit you could mitigate a lot of the damage, as well as keep Elemental Projector cooking.


Porcelain pipe bomb.
It has a unexpected behavior where it gets stuck under the enemies feet and it explodes multiple times on that enemy.
It has been showed on yt that it is good on a urad fl4k build, i must say it totally kills when properly stuck under enemies. I use a ogt 25 cause I often hold a rad complex root to bomb the entire map, so that I want to avoid ase elements.
The Porcelain Pipe Bomb is a thing I like a lot as it is a grenade that when properly used actually kills enemies. It can crit with megavore and gets boosted by my atom balm death less’s aoe dmg.
Its underrated because it’s a grenade that is oriented towards dmg and in bl3 most of them are utility options, plus it only really works with a urad + red suit build as it requires you to be in the range of its explosion when you place it


@RobCheap I haven’t tried the PPB since the days immediately following release when it had the hilarious replication effect and would murder anything in seconds if you hit the right spot on the enemy (feet or kind of underneath the enemy). I will have to try it again!

It wasnt fixed, just addressed. We might just enjoy the thing while they leave in those state. I think it performs identically ad before

@RobCheap So are you saying that the PPB replication glitch was not actually patched out and/or hotfixed as described here? I am genuinely asking, from what I understood the PPB had kind of been scaled back to the point of making it irrelevant for endgame.

I guess what I am asking is specifically what you mean by this:

and this:

I was under the impression that the PPB had been “nerfed into oblivion” as the kids say LOL

Yes for sure! I’ve done that before but with a Flakker Blast Master build and it’s gnarly. Never thought to try that with Mindsweeper though might have to give that a shot

  1. Dakota (epic shotgun you get from a quest, but I won’t spoil).

  2. Doesn’t really need an anointment, but a consecutive hits, urad, next magazines, crit hit elemental explosion, enemies under 25% health, ase and asa anointments, which means basically anything and everything, can be effective for this gun. My personal preference is consecutive hits, crit elemental explosions and 5% bonus damage.

  3. I only play Moze, so I can testify this guns is a sucker for Moze. The magazine boost, increased fire rate and handling along with the ammo regen really make this weapon shine. It basically becomes a slow AR, but with better damage.

  4. This badass piece of explosive awesomeness, is cool af since it has a very decent base damage, not bad shotgun accuracy, doesn’t suffer from bloom-accuracy reduced due to continuous firing, big magazine and great fire rate for a shotgun, has the basic jacobs traits, and finally, it’s unique ability is that it can randomly (but very often) shoot SPLASH shock pellets with 8 times the base damage, basically erasing shields from existence, or SPLASH incendiary pellets with 2 times the base damage. It also has a bayonet, and I love bayonets. How many times has the bonus melee damage allowed me to finish an enemy instead of reloading and losing time.

  5. This wonderfull jacobs testosterone filled iron is probably not as famous as it should be, because: a) it’s epic rarity, b) has not it’s ability listed on it’s card, and since it’s ability is random, many people may not even know what it does, c) the base damage is decent (good even) but there are better base damage jacobs shotguns out there.

God I love this gun so much, I use it all the time.


Ok the thing is, addressed in gbx language does not seem to be the same as “fixed”. Beside of that. I just tried that thing for the first time today and yeah, I had to put a lot behind that but it shredded most mobbing maps. I’m not really the best source of info tho, might be wrong. Still, I was having a - perfectly balanced and functioning as intended - fun with the PPB. Considering most of grenades are bad for dmg, one that can do some damage is fun to me.

Ok apparently the thing with the PPB was that it would continue to multiply infinitely when stuck. Now what I was experiencing is that when you stick it good, it has a respectable damage and can perform impressive kills, but no more multiplies over and over. Sorry for that disinformation

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