Best Old God Farming Method?

I’ve seen people saying here and there that Amach is the better person to farm, others/most saying the Empowered Grawn is the best source. However, most of those are from 2+ months ago - has anything changed? I’ve killed Grawn 20 or more times on Mayhem 10 with no drops so I was wondering if anyone has discovered a better method

All of mine have come from either Amach, Tom and Zam, or Eista. None of them drop them often, but I’ve never gotten them from anyone else.

I farmed amach about 20 or so times and he actually dropped one! but it was corrosive…

overall the farm feels like it takes just as long as grawn, but with better loot as mobs have better world drops than boss chests and he also drops unseen threat.

back to farming!

Empowered grawn drops one every 2 - 3 runs for me

Empowered Grawn at the end of the long Dahl facility is the best place I’ve found. You maybe get one every 15-20 runs? Not the highest drop rate but perfectly acceptable. They definitely drop from him and he isn’t a difficult fight. If you gear up right, you can pummel him in the head with criticals and kill him before his immunity phase.