Best online gaming headsets

Any recommendations? My mates lad is after a new one and his dad asked me for advice. We don’t play online anymore, we play local coop. His dad said the current one hurts his head and sounds terrible.

I have a Razer Carcharias. I like it because the ear cups are soft AF and deep enough that my ears don’t press against anything, they fit my small noggin, the mic boom is semi-rigid plastic and swivels on the cup (as opposed to a fully flexible wire mic boom, which works, but I don’t care for how flimsy they seem), the cord is durable AF and long enough for me to play on the couch, and it’s got mic/volume controls near the headset (rest on my lap when using it), so I don’t adjust the main volume settings for the occasion when I use these (and then have to adjust it back when done).

If these ever die somehow, I’d probably consider a wireless set, but comfort is my priority for these.

Awesome thanks a lot will definitely take a look and pass it on :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: