Best options for badass rank?

As title suggests.

What is the best options for badass rank, i plan to play all characters to op8 but i’m going to spend most of my time playing Maya, Axton & Salvador what should i spend my tokens on?

PS still in normal atm but want to spend tokens on the right things instead of using them on something that may affect me badly once i get to tvhm & eventually uvhm.

If you’re into min/maxing and health-gating, then IIRC the perceived wisdom is to avoid points into shield perks. This would also be important if you were going for melee Kreig/Zer0 and wanted to get the most out of roid shields, since you’d want the shields empty for as long as possible.

In terms of bang-for-the-buck, you’ll see the most noticeable differences if you put the points into things like reload speed. Personally, I just spread the points evenly across the board, and don’t have the turned on at all for some characters.


Thanks for the info, not really interested in melee so will probably do the same as you and spread them evenly.

I’ll second reload speed. I also find that elemental effect chance is a good expenditure since on many weapons it’s a fairly low number, and thus easily boosted by a significant percentage with a BAR boost.


Reload speed, gun and crit damage are perks where every character benefits from


Cool, i’ve been putting some into that before i made this post.

I’m still a noob lmao

Ty for letting me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate, first forum i’ve join that i haven’t been called nasty names for asking a simple question lol.
Think i’ve found a great place here everyone i’ve talked to has been incredibly kind :slight_smile:


It’s good to hear that people welcomed you here. I said it before on another thread but I’ll say it again, the reason I love the Borderlands community so much is that everyone is connected and everyone knows each other. It’s corny to say but it really does feel like one big family and it’s always great to have new people. In terms of BAR I’d say the more important ones are Crit, Reload Speed, and Status Effects but I just mash “X” until all my tokens are spent which gives me a perfectly even spread of stats.


Nobody has mentioned grenade damage yet. It increases the power of some of the most powerful guns. Harold,Hail, Orge, etc


I take it explosive guns benefit from grenade dmg? Always thought it was just for grenades themselves.

It needs a formatting update, but here’s a list of what is and isn’t effected


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