Best parts for gear

So does anybody have a guide for the best parts on every weapon and gear (shields,Oz kits, grenade mods, etc.) I know it’s alot of effort and work but it’d be really appreciated

If you check each character’s specific forum you’ll see a topic on Top Gear. That will list weapons and parts for you.

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google “borderlands the presequel infographic [weapon type]” The creator of these, who deserves a spot in the National Gallery, put together a chart that describes what each part does so you can decide what’s best for your build - the pros and cons of each are listed.

@Bozack the only one I could see was the smg parts the rest were blurry😕

What’s the deal with launcher sights?

They actually offer additional bonuses to the RL.

I found the link to the old forum, it had this nice handy guideline for weapon parts.
And yesterday found the old link to the shields part here

I had forgotten about that from BL2, and haven’t really been paying attention to RL parts in BL:TPS, except for just the reload speeds. So I guess I’ll start paying more attention now.

Tediore sight boosts reload speed and also happens to be my favorite on a RL.

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Good to know, thanks!!!
And if I recall correctly from BL2, didn’t the exhausts on the RL also determines some of its features.

That’s correct.

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