Best party for 2 players PVE Advanced

Hey guys could you please advice me for a 2 players party for PVE Advanced missions?

Healer + Dps works quite well. This is easiest in my opinion as you can always heal up if you hide during harder fight. Me and my friend usually play Ambra+Oscar Mike.
Although you can substitute into other support or dps chars you like.
Also rolling Whiskey Foxtrot + Oscar Mike works also if you know what your are doing.
And many other options work once you get hand of it. Just I believe that rolling two melee chars are really hard, since adds do so much damage, that you cannot just engage them constantly on melee range, unless you kite them a lot.

Yeah, OM and Ambra are the couple I’ve in my mind.
Also 2 DPS, but I really do not like WF… maybe montana…

Thanks man.

If you wanted to be super lazy you could get away with 2x kleese. Rifts and taser do tons of damage and battle chairs will heal each other rofl.

It depends on the mission, but Montana and Ambra are a good match, so are Thorn and Boldur. Basically you need somebody up front who can take some pounding while the person in the back lays down the hurt. Montana needs somebody behind him to heal him, and of the three support classes who can do that, Ambra is the only one who can also contribute to the DPS as well as heal. Boldur can heal himself and Thorn’s real good at CC and can keep Boldur from getting surrounded.