Best pistol in the game?

The Dastardly Seventh Sense is my new favorite pistol in the game.


How are people working with/around this gimmick? Off the cuff, it seems like you could reload and then immediately swap to the Unforgiven for a crit boost on the rounds that are re-acquiring the target.

I’ve never been a fan of doing that… but I am willing to try it out… Could be good for taking down bosses or in a pinch.

Here it is in the Slaughter Shaft…

To be honest, I have major concerns with what I’m seeing in that video. You and the gun are Level 57, yet running into basic Ratch that are Level 58! No wonder those rounds are doing so little damage! :-1: :unamused:

Just out of curiosity, what mode are you playing on? Easy? Normal? True Vault Hunter Mode? Mayhem? And if Mayhem, which level? :thinking:

I play in TVHM Mayhem 4. So the damage is actually really awesome. The little symbol under the Guardian Rank and Level bar shows a tiny 4 next to it indicating which Mayhem level it is.

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Here’s a quick video of me in the 5th round of Slaughter House:

holy crap how can you even see! My eyes were bleeding with all the colour on screen :rofl:

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lol… You get use to it and learn to use the mini map very frequently… the current legendary drop event does cloud things up a bit…

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I’m loving how you’re strolling around like you’re just out for a Sunday walk. Me, I’d be jumping about like a rabbit on speed :sweat_smile:

lol… One thing I’ve always disliked in games was hoping around… I know it has some advantages in certain situations, but for the most part, you only need to stroll… so to speak :wink:

I also do slight side to side movements that make a lot of the projectiles miss… it’s a very slight movement, but extremely effective.

And solo’d the Maliwan Takedown with just the Dastardly Seventh Sense… Mayhem 4, TVHM… Not True Takedown mode, yet…

Hell Shock with consecutive hits.

I just don’t like the feel of that pistol… Plus the delay on trigger pull. Yeah, it can do more damage, but I like how the Dastardly Seventh Sense feels.

You can also use crit swapping with a Dastardly Unforgiven to get the 340% critical hit bonus, but that’s not fun either. I would argue that that makes this pistol better than the hellshock. I’ll have to do some testing.

This is how I play as well. If you watch the enemy movements and attack patterns, you’ll find its not as frantic as you would think, as your video in the Shaft shows. I play Fl4k and generally walk around popping head shots. Its too hard to maintain control and aim if you’re running, sliding and jumping everywhere.

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Question: how do you get this gun?! I did the quest up to the point in the Library where you pick up the portal generator and give it to Burton. After that he says “meet me at…” and I didn’t pick up where that was! Then the mission ended and there are no markers anywhere to meet him! I went to the Lodge but couldn’t see him there. How do you move forward?

There is another spot you meet him in Cankerwood. You should see an exclamation point there on the map.

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unfortunately not. I hope it’s not a bugged mission :cry:

so I know you wrote “Cankerwood,” but my addled brain interpreted it as “Cursehaven.” Walked around that map for ages in the vain hope that I would bump into Burton. I even went back to the Library in case I’d missed something there. Finally gave up and resigned myself to the fact that my game was bugged and I wasn’t ever going to get the gun.

Went to Cankerwood and there was the marker for the next mission. Doh! I really should learn to pay attention when reading…

Thanks for the heads up!


It happens to the best of us! Glad you found it…

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Question about the gun: can it come anointed or should I just accept the one that you get