Best place to farm artifacts?

Where’s the best place to farm artifacts? From memory, the Calypso twins are a good source. Any other bosses? Thanks

I think gravy drops some plus he’s an easy kill. Agonizer drops the loaded dice. Think
thunk and sloth drop the victory rush.

Depends on the Artifact you may want to farm dedicated source. For general farming, any big boss like Graveward will be good.

Not anymore. VR drops from Azalea.

I have found that Warden drops a wide variety of legendary artifacts.

Ah, the witch. I forgetted. Lol

Oh, I didn’t know that some bosses drop particular ones.

Anyone know who drops the (cryo stone) commander planetoid, or the artifact that increases damage against frozen targets? (forgot its name)

Use Lootlemon site, the best place with drops etc.

Ice Breaker is the prefix, it can spawn on any artifact.

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I have had a lot of luck with Lootsplosion, I seem to get a lot of legendary artifacts that way.

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This ^

My goto method aswell when i’m looking for class mods and artifact.


I forgot to try that modifier out after initially it wouldn’t drop mayhem scaled, iirc, (which wouldn’t be relevant to artifacts anyway).

Artifacts aren’t effected by mayhem level, and dedicated drop rates aren’t either. If you’re farming the dedicated source it could be beneficial to drop your mayhem level.

Otherwise keep it up at 10 if you’re farming world drops. Pretty much any boss that you can easily kill with your build will be good.

Edit: On a side note, I personally avoid Azalea. If you don’t do that side quest, you don’t have to deal with Pippie in Sanctuary.

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One reason to stick with Graveward is that the load time is significantly smaller than for other bosses because the level’s so small. On PS4 it can be almost 50% quicker than some other maps. I timed it.

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Thanks for the answers everyone. Lots of good advice here!

I’m on a pc with m.2 SSD so my load times are quick. But immunity phases are another story. Which of the main bosses would have the lowest immunity phase time? Definitely not Tyreen. Maybe Graveward as well?