Best place to farm BA Glitches (besides EOS fight)?

Main question is in the title; currently trying to see if BA glitches can spawn outside the entrance to overlook cluster, since there’s a glitch chest there as well as 4 guaranteed glitches. But I don’t know if those glitches can be BAs.

Any help?

Never mind, I think i found it - Sub-Sub-Conscious, in the firsat area. There’s a guaranteed BA Glitch spawn where shadowtrap waits for you.

EDIT: I’m calling shenanigans. No way BA Glitches have the Luck Cannon as an assigned drop. if they did I’d have gotten one by now.

they’ll drop legendaries.

They didn’t. Musta killed like 50 SBA Glitches, if not more, and not a peep from ol’ Lucky.

I got one from an SBA Glitch fighting the Denial Subroutine in Overlook, i saw that drop. I got another luck cannon out in the lava during the EOS/Eclipse fight, i guessed that is where it came from since it was at the other end of the map from the main platform. I can’t say if anything changed since the DLC dropped, this was early on and back in the beginning of this DLC they could definitely drop from SBA glitches, but the drop rates were WAAAYYY up a few times. I haven’t seen one from an SBA glitch in weeks and no telling how many i have killed.

You can also farm the super badass glitches when you fight in the mutator arena. They spawn pretty often and you also get a chance to get the luck canon in the chests

Yeah, I’ve found that’s pretty good.

Do you know what mutator combinations make Glitch rounds happen?