Best place to farm coms and artifacts?

first of all for smartasses i do not want to trade or save edit this is a legit playthrough.

i know coms are pretty easy to farm in vendors tbh but finding goatedartifacts is hard, so where do i go for those? shaft? gravey? any better options?

If you don’t mind modifiers, roll M10 with Lootsplosion and just run Fervor/Slaughter Shaft/MTD. This has treated me very well on artifacts.

no i want to farm with the run character which is locked to m2.

I see, at M2 Lootsplosion would still be a great place to start.

Outside of Loot The Universe my go-to method for artifacts has always been Lootsplosion in Baddie infested areas.

okay makes sense

It seems like Lootsplosion uses it’s own loot pool that is weighed towards artifacts. It is all in RnGeezus hands though I’m afraid, definitely a quantity over quality farm.

If what your searching for is in the world pool; the best place I’ve found to get them ( coms + artifacts) is just running the mini scraptraps as they’re extremely simple and easily reset. only you’d need dlc1

  • I’ve found baddies in slaughter shaft tend to drop more weapons

Same, I’ve never had any luck getting coms or artifacts in the slaughters.

Depending on what you’re after, you could farm the dedicated source. Unless it’s one of the ones locked behind a slaughter or trial boss. Would not recommend that.

Otherwise, any boss that you can dispatch quickly is a good bet for the world drops. I’ve heard Freddy in DLC 1 can be a good source since you can respawn him without save quitting.

WOW, good to know. I’ve been trying to find a knife drain deathless for weeks with no luck. Been just killing all bosses and phoenix one after the other and hoping quantity of drops would yield a drop. On M10, of course. Will need to re-roll my modifiers.