Best place to farm for, or get, a legendary shield

ive out leveled all my legendary shields. could someone point me to how to get one thru farming or boss.

If I remember correctly you are best off just grinding for one. The morq is a guaranteed legendary adaptive shield in the claptrap DLC but you can only get one per playthrough. The only other one I know of that you can farm for is the amp shield from that same DLC. There are lots of good non-legendaries you can get tho. usually that is the best way to go when you are still leveling is just figure out a type of purple that works for you. the haymaker is a great blue adaptive shield that you can get from the slaughter dome thing that came with pre-orders. The shield of ages is a quest shield from the DLC and better than the legendary turtle shield IMO.

i accidentally accepted the mission before leveling fully up and the shield of ages is now out leveled. i have 6 legendary shields but theyre all the same level, im a lvl 64 wilhelm using a lvl 57 prismatic bulwark. i already got the morq but its level 59 and my bulwark is better how my players built despite the 2 level difference but thanks man

and i dont feel the legendary turtle shield is very good honestly but im not a big fan of turtle shields so it might just be me

Black Hole or Bulwark from Invincible Sentinel, also the Supoernova is a designated drop from someone from a side quest (Bruce?), then we have the Shooting Star as a designated drop from Powersuit Noob,

If you have the DLC, you can get the Morq out of a hidden chest. Otherwise almost all of mine have been found in vending machines.

i cant beat the invincible sentinel haha ive been trying but i keep leveling up and its not helping because he keeps getting stronger making my shields and guns weaker and that’s why i posted this. ive had just about all the legendary shields except the sham i think it is and i only really use two which are the bulwark and morq.

have any of you ever used the haymaker?

The Haymaker is a very solid shield yes. It’s just an Adaptive shield with a bigger health boost though.

I wouldn’t bother farming for a legendary shield until i’m at max level though. Hell, i’m at max level and i’m using purples.

thats kinda why i was planning on saving the bestest story ever told mission till i hit 70, im 65 right now. i just was looking for a decent shield to get me through until then. which character do you play with and what shield?

Given that none of the characters in TPS specialize in melee (like Zer0 did in BL2), I don’t like getting close enough to enemies to melee them, so the Haymaker’s “feature” isn’t available that often. Still, I gave it to Wilhelm just because I use Power Fist when I can, and occasionally use it to wipe off DoT (enemies still get in my face anyway).

I have one of each character except Jack/Tim at level 70 (and a couple lower-level characters that are turning into mules). They all carry a Prismatic Bulwark shield because incoming laser fire can be brutal (and a handful of other shields for fun).
Aurelia mainly uses a Nought shield (unless she’s sniping from distance, in which case she uses an amp shield)
Claptrap mainly uses a Morq shield (when there’s no shield/elemental subroutine up: then spike shields)
Athena mainly uses the Black Hole (but is slowly developing a love affair with the WTF shield)
Wilhelm mainly uses an Avalanche (dude’s always looking for a reason to Power Fist frozen enemies)
Nisha mainly uses a Sham (or a Reogenator if she’s not using a good health-restoring build and COM)

Sentinel drops the Prismatic Bulwark. Make sure you are in UVHM and it should spec to your current level.

what platform are you on?

the legendary turtle shields sucks because it slows down your movement speed. if you have any golden keys just pop the chest a few times you will be sure to get 2 shields at least once. the purple shields can be better than most legendary shields other than the Bulwark which is the best legendary shield IMO.

whatd you mean by platform

As in do you play on PC, mac, 360, X1, PS3 or PS4.

oh, wow. i feel stupid.

i play on ps3

The fastest way to get a legendary shield is to farm the power suit noob. You can run to him really fast and he is very easy to kill. If you want to get a legendary shield that has no drop source I would just farm him for 2 shields and go to the grinder

@lexhardcore “the Supoernova is a designated drop from someone from a side quest (Bruce?)”

The side quest is another pickle and yes I’ve gotten one from him.

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There’s quite a few bosses like others mentioned you can farm legendary shields from. Theres also the rerouter shield which has a chance to drop from shadow trap in the mutator arena.

Does anyone know who drops the Cryo Avalanche legendary shield? I’m not finding any solid information on it. Maybe because it’s not in a specific assigned loot pool…?

I play as Nisha and I use either a Turtle shield when mobbing, and an Adaptive shield against bosses