Best place to farm loot mobs?

Can’t think of anywhere worth the time except Eden-6 and Lecter City because tired brain. Any other hot spots for this event?

My favorite little spot has been Hot Karl’s camp in Devil’s Razor… I can usually get 2-3 loot tinks in that small contained area (less likely to get away from you and disappear) and after I’m done with them, I drop right down from there into a skag den area and kill a bunch of chubby skags.


Pandora where you free vaughn there is always around three or four there i have been doing this over and over.Jackobs estate another good farm spot.


Ellie’s scrapyard behind her garage is good. I almost always have at least 3 hoarder tinks spawn.


Thanks guys :heart:

I wish the slaughter shafts could spawn them. Would be an ideal place

Edit: does anybody know if they spawn in trials?

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No kidding. Debating if it’s even worth the hassle for me to do this event. None of the spots really drop anything I need. Playing Amara so most of my top guns are from Bounty zones.

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I’m kind of burnt out on the game tbh. (Could be just gamer fatigue or the way the game is being handled, probably a mix of both) Oddly enough I think I spend more time on the forums these days than actually playing. I just come around for new content and a couple boss kills a week now.


Feeling it here as well. Pretty much all I have left available to do is min/max farming and that gets old very quickly.

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The bad thing about these tinks is all they drop is world drops i cant think of many good world drop weapons i already have good versions of world drops if only they dropped good weapons like the garcia one pump chump monarchs or some of the better class mods i guess they are good for shield farming but most of us already have good shields.

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Anyone know if loot enemies exist in dlc 2 and/or 3?

What’s the point? It’s just world drop loot. Go kill Graveward and you can get just as much of the same worthless garbage drops in half the time.

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