Best place to farm loot skulls?

Where do I find the most loot skulls? i’ve heard canopy and lectra city but i seem to not get many if any more than normal there

enemy dense areas

For me Athenas is the best all around.

yah ive tried that it doesnt really increase much at all. maybe im just unlucky

Athenas, Pyre of Stars, Lectra City, Guts of Carnivoa. Okay, i choose those locations because of the good music there… Everywhere with alot of enemies.

i personally reccomend a maliwan dense area, no annoited there

If you want, you can collect the 25 ectoplasms, then save quit farm the beginning zone of Heck.

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Tbh I hosted a group of new players last night and I took them around to every rare spawn and boss in the game for a few hours. Just running around the maps you will see a lot of loot skulls. Maybe being in a full group made them more common? Anyway we hit red jabber and I kid you not there were 4 thieving jabbers in that small area! Got my annointed cryo Lucians finally 25% crit after action skill.

I’d just recommend running maps, checking on rare spawn locations, and try to lump many aspects of farming together so it’s still rewarding.

Do they spawn from enemys or loot chests? Ive only gotten 1 so far. Playing story tvhm mh1. Is there a list of locations for rare spawns?

Voracious canopy in the last portion of the map there is a large area with dinosaurs galore and a spawn station up on a partial level that looks down into the main area. There is a spawn point there and you can speed run all the way in. There was a youtube on this… anyways you can spam grenades all day long to take care of most and it is not too hard. I only go there in Mayhem 3 to make the journey worth it. Lots of ghost skulls galore. :acmlol::v: Remember the main way to get a good run is to watch your modifiers, mainly if you can change gear from elemental to plain bullets then you usually get modifiers that still let you rock… but read your modifiers. (felt like i just said eat your wheaties, haha) that is a dated reference…:acmhorror::boom:

Also, always check the jacobs chest in the pit hole…

No specific location they are just random. Good news is you have another 4 weeks or so to find all 19 you have left. Just keep it in the back of your mind and go about your business playing. They will pop up. Kind of a pointless thing to stress about farming since they are so random.

Thanks. Ive had some good playing hours this week and not 1 yet. Wish thay had a location, at least certain maps with better chance. Oh well, ill just keep playing. Im really enjoying the game, the ghost are a good added challenge.

I like to use the trials for gathering Hecktoplasm, getting terror loot and completing all the challenges that don’t require being in the Heck map. From what I remember, the only challenges you need to do in Heck are the puzzle, kill haunted enemies in Heck with Cryo and kill Cpt Haunt.

Another thing you can do is get to Heck, play through to the Skull/Pumpkin puzzle, then save/quit and do it again. Its a great way to complete challenges and get lots of good loot.

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What are loot skulls anyways? Do they spawn from loot tinks or goons?

Ghost can spawn on any enemy type.
Cyan color ghost is “normal” type ghost you see them often.
Red color ghost are tied to badass enemys.
And orange color ghost is loot ghost

I found Tanzendeer Ruins to be a great and easy place to get the ghost count up. Skip the guardians at the beginning as they can be tougher and rarely haunted and just hit up the creatures. Fast easy kills and mostly haunted.

Oh ok.

yellow skulls that any enemy can spawn just like the normal green ones.