Best place to farm weapon skins, or is it just 1000% random?

as the title says ^^^^


I am fairly sure you can’t farm weapon skins. They are quest rewards, challenge rewards, guardian rank rewards etc.

I have got 0 from challenges I am pretty sure its just eridium, I have never got one from a quest reward and I got all guardian rank ones but I have got a few from random drops

Weapon skins drop from bosses for sure, as for challenges there is the moxxi one from radios.

the radio tower thing is a map challenge, there is a whole OTHER list of challenges that reward eridium

Retro Blaster                                        - Deluxe & Super Deluxe editions
Goldie Locks and Loads                  - Deluxe & Super Deluxe editions Preorder bonus
Gearbox Prime                                    - Deluxe & Super Deluxe editions
Butt Dazzle                                           - Butt Stallion cosmetic pack and Super Deluxe edition

Skelebones                                           - Crazy Earl
Black Dragon                                       - Crazy Earl
Blueberry Limeade                           - Crazy Earl
Extraspectral                                       - Crazy Earl
Burnished Steele                               - Crazy Earl
Thunderhead                                      - Crazy Earl
Crepuscle                                             - Crazy Earl
Painbow                                               - Crazy Earl
Gun-Fetti                                              - Crazy Earl

Maliwannabe                                     - Common World Drop
Ink & Kill                                               - Rare World Drop
Fire and Ash                                        - Loot Boxer Slot Machine or World Drop
It’s Poop!                                              - World Drop
Deep Nebula                                       - Legendary Drop from Graveward, Giga, Cap Traunt & Troy
Dandy Lion                                          - Loot Boxer Slot Machine or World Drop
Psychodelic                                         - Legendary World Drop, Graveward

Hot Blooded                                        - Crimson Radio Crew Challenge Reward
Ghoul Metal Grey                               - Halloween Event Challenge Reward

Dead Set                                                - Guardian Rank Reward
Leather and Regret                          - Guardian Rank Reward
Red Sands                                             - Guardian Rank Reward

Pretty much I think I got most of my Character, Weapon Skins, Weapon Trinkets, Room Decorations and Character Heads from Moxxis Slots, but otherwise farm Graveward.

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I know, OP was asking about weapon skins not eridium

Also a quest reward - at least that’s how my wife and I first got it

Thanks for that. I just need fire and ash, guess I’m hitting up the slot machine

I’ve gotten few from world drops. My favorite has like stars and planets moving through it.

That would be Deep Nebula. My overall favorite is the Leather and Regret one, I like the silver metal, gold metal and wooden look to them.

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Actually it’s called “Sure, why not?” I believe.

Oh you are talking Character skins, I thought we were still talking about the Weapon Skins >_<


Ah yeah, I have Deep Nebula on all my weapons skins. I love it.

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For all the World Drop ones I’d recommend you farm Graveward. He’s still one of the quickest farms in the game and drops a good amount of loot. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten like all of the World Drop skins from him.

I’m actually looking for the teal appeal skin for Zane so if anyone has it I’ll trade you legendaries

Graveward drops all kinds of skins etc all day.

You also get a couple from Guardian Ranks points.

A comment for the title of this thread, I told you a million billion times, don’t exagerate.

Circles of Slaughter by completing the secondary objectives.

Each optional objective completed will result in a loot-splosion when you complete Round 5 and they have an exceptionally high chance to drop cosmetics.