Best place to powerlevel to 50

So I am on xbox, I plan on using split screen and offline for best xp bonus, any idea where the best place to get xp to lvl to 50 the fastest would be?

Graveward (if you can kill him quick)
Slaughter shaft if you can survive and kill a few annointeds/badass before dying (this would be quickest) its like 58k - 65k xp per annointed and hardened badass.
Trial of Instinct is the easiest and gives roughly 4k xp per kill. Theres heaps of badass Jabbers and Ceratops dinosaurs which give you a lot more aswell. (I did this for most of the time, then went to circle of slaughter, but it’s just so hard when you have 4 annointeds and a heap of badass zealots with rocket launchers all firing at you. Got really annoying)
I just aimed to kill 1-2 annointed or badass before dying.

In Ambermire, there are 4 Zero targets (the billies) that are easy to take down, are close to a fast travel and give a lot of xp. They drop legendaries too. In normal mode, you can put your game on a Mayhem level and get to 50 pretty fast.

That only badass slaughter is the funniest tho. Playing it with coop 4 players, at the end only I’m still standing :upside_down_face: