Best Places To Farm Elemental Artifacts?


Where are the best places to farm Elemental Artifacts?

They don’t ever spawn in chests, do they?

Do only specific enemies drop them or do they have a chance to drop from any enemy?

Thanks in advance!

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #2

Craw drops a couple per kill. Other than that, elemental badass enemies like skags or spiderants have a pretty good chance of dropping them. I don’t recall seeing them from normal enemies or Lance (even badasses) but I could just not be paying attention.

One of the chests at the Destroyer seems to always contain two.

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Mostly dlc and chest sometimes

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I got a whole ton of them from Scar once the story mission was over. And I’ve had quite a few drop from the badass elemental skags. Scar is an easy end-game farm, too.

(Bryanswpaulsen) #5

Scar is, by far, the easiest farm and has a guaranteed relic drop. Easily my vote for the best choice.


Is chests glitch at Destroyer’s arena still working? If yes, it’s the best place to farm artifacts.

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(Jack T. Chance) #7

Silly question, what’s the highest level the Elemental Artifacts can be taken up to? On my original Borderlands character, I have one at Level 4, and all the others at Level 5. I always wondered if 5 was the highest? :thinking:

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I have shock & explosive & maybe corrosive at 6 on my 69 Lilith.

Did a LOT of co-op with her.

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Lvl 6 is the highest. Lvl 1-3 can be found in Pt.1 and lvl 4-6 in Pt.2

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(The Phant0m 0f Perfecti0n) #10

For me the best way to get level 6 elemental artifacts of all kinds was to go The Descent location in PT2 and kill the Badass Guardian coming out once you reach the first red chest (quite close to the entrance point), and then repeat it over and over until you have them all for your class. That guy is always there and drops one every time you kill him, so do not hesitate to pay him a visit - just make sure to have a strong shock weapon to make it easy :sunglasses:

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The damaged Claptrap in Tartarus Station sings a little song, “Daisy, Daisy, giver your answer, do. I’m half crazy to disembowel you.”

HAL the Computer (Open the pod bat doors, Dave) sings “Daisy” as it is shutting down in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Oddyssey”.

(Astro_80) #12

The best place I have found (as of the Remastered game) is to farm the chests after you kill The Destroyer. Quick and easy farm.

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How do you get them to respawn? I tried a couple of times with one of my imported saves, and they never appeared.

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(Astro_80) #14

Spawn into The Vault, loot the chests, then go to a DLC map, back out to the Main Menu, then go back to The Vault and the chests will be lootable again. Rinse/Repeat until satisfied.

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They weren’t there when I did this. I also tried backing out to Eridian Promontary and re-entering, and they still weren’t there. I will have to try it again with the character I started new on the remaster.

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(Astro_80) #16

Yes, it only works in the Remaster.

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I was playing the remaster, but with a character imported from the original GOTY. As I said, I’ll try it again with a character that was not imported having already completed the story.

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(Elemental Scientist) #18

I was doing this yesterday and confirm that it worked for me. GOTY with character created in GOTY.

Travel to T-Bone.
Exit game to main menu.
Start game.
Travel to Vault, loot the chests.

I don’t know if it’s important but I always exit the game, and thus start the game, in T-Bone.

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Just to clarify, is that Fast Travel to the Vault, or do you FT somewhere else and then run through?

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(Elemental Scientist) #20

FT to Vault, loot chests, FT to T-Bone, exit, start. A 1 minute 30 second loop.

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