Best places to farm purple grenade mods?

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for good purple Transfusion, Bouncing Betty and Singularity grenade mods and, as a result, I’m trying to find out the best places to farm them. Any suggestions (except the Golden Chest) will be much appreciated.

P.S. I’m almost sure that there will be a suggestion to try the Loot Train, but there is another question - does the number of players affect the quality of loot collected from the Loot Train chests?

I’d pick up as many keys as possible and churn through the Sanctuary chest - if you roll grenade mods, you’ll always get four, so good odds of getting at least one of those you want.

As far as the train goes, playing solo I usually get one or two purple grenade mods. Don’t know what’s considered average though - I don’t really farm it much.

If you’re on 360 I have a purple Transfusion grenade you can have

Best places to get on level purple gear are the golden chest and the loot train. I know you asked for something other than that, but there’s no way around it. Those are your best bets. It still might take a while to get exactly what you want, though. I’ve been farming the train for a Longbow Slag Transfusion every day for weeks now and still haven’t found one. Found lots of purple grenades, though. Specific purple items are sometimes actually harder to get than unique items, since there’s a lot of them and they’re completely random. You could look for some red chest farming routes or try farming the big loot explosion bosses (such as Pyro Pete, the Warrior and BNK3R) as an alternative, but I still think you’d be better off farming the golden chest or the loot train.


I’m on PC, but nevertheless thank you :wink:

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Exactly as I thought, but once you’ve run out of the Golden keys, the Sanctuary chest is not an option until you (may) get some more keys.

Anyway, what about correlation between the number of players and the quality of gear from the Loot Train?

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I actually have no idea, as I only play solo and never saw anybody try to test this. My guess would be that the number of players has no effect at all on the quality of gear from the train.

Did you check for new codes here?

I don’t think number of players will affect the chest contents on the loot train, since it’s got a fixed number of spots in the chests.

Well, not really - I use this link instead. It’s a real shame that there is still no good mobile apps to check SHiFT codes :worried: