Best Player for Survival?

I know the answer is pretty subjective but i’m tossing up whether to do Maya or Salvador and i want to choose the player that has the best chances to survive when i get to UVHM
I hate melee player builds so sorry Zero, you are out for me…So who is best for killing mobs of enemies and for surviving the brutal UVHM?

Also out of those 2 who is best to take down Terra?


Depends on your build, gear and skill with the character. I tend to favor Sal with Chuck80’s Deputy Sal build- I’ve only Tried Terra at OP8 once with all other characters just to clear the final mission from Tannis. They all can do it but for me it’s easiest with Sal…

I prefer Maya. She has such a great many ways to survive and demolish.

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Maya for general game, and Sal for bosses really.
I have both at OP3, Axton at OP1 or 2, Gaige at 60s i think and Zero at mid 30s?
I farm bosses with Sal and farm everything else with Maya…

I can’t argue with this :slight_smile:

I find Sal frustrating at UVHM because I enjoy him most when I’m ploughing into mobs headlong, Without the best gear (i.e. no farming!) that’s far less easy to do at UVHM. He remains the best for raids and bosses, though.

I know he hasn’t been mentioned, so far, but may I put in a word for Axton with two “sticky” longbow turrets. They can keep you as far away from the action as Maya’s Phaselock.

Axton is your man.

Grit is a very powerful skill.

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Thanks for all the helpful replies, thus forum seems very helpful :slight_smile:

It seems like a toss up between all 3 characters! , I guess it all depends on what I’m looking for…



Do what I do; start one up, play through for a while. Then start a second, who can benefit from any hand-me-downs. Keep both moving forward, then start a third. By the time you’re done, you can have Axton, Maya, and Sal ready to try out for end-game. And if along the way you decide you’re not liking one of them, just skip that one.


Krieg and sal are immortal if you know what your doing. Axton and maya are easier to play. Gaige and zero take some effort but can still be really strong.


As long as you know how to play a character, they are all really strong, but I agree with @Piemanlee that Axton and Maya are a bit more forgiving if you’re not sure how to play them. Gaige isn’t very hard either. The other ones take a bit more know-how to get the most out of them.

Sal can be completely broken if you want him to, and totally humiliate Terra.

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That’s your answer to everything


Yeah Maya for general play, and though I haven’t really played him myself, based on the ones I’ve co-oped with, Sal will shred bosses including Terra.

Yep. Maya has crowd control, healing on demand, and can even rez other players. She’s basically the Jill of all trades in BL 2. Plus she’s the prettiest. :dukeego:

He said survival, not blow through his enemies like a tornado of destruction. :dukejk: Not that I disagree mind you.

And the right gear.

Very easy.

Zer0’s a glass cannon, though, not much survivability there if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Krieg is the answer to everything unless the question is what’s for dinner.


Krieg is 42

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I knew there was a reason I liked you, X.



OK, drifting waaay off-topic here, but this reminds me of a door-mat I saw for sale in a shop in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It said, “Oh no, not you again!”.

That said, Maya.

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Krieg for survival? Bahahaha. I remind you of his line “we’ll all go together” :smiley:

Well I did say with some effort.

More than some. :dukejk: