Best prefix for moonface?

Im farming the quest reward for the rustlers moonface but I was wondering if another prefix might be better. What do you guys think?

Mine’s a Doc’s Moonface (+Crit Damage) with a Hyperion stock and a Jakobs grip and sight. It does amazingly. Rustlers would be pretty cool too, though.

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I should have stuck with the Docs prefix(Doh!), but im really liking this one so far think its the base damage prefix but it also has a larger mag than alot of the others. Very cool weapon!

It’s the prefix-less variation with a Jakobs grip. And the Jakobs grip gives you the larger mag size since that’s part of what the “matching manufacturer grip” gimmick does.

The best prefix would be Rustler’s for the Moonface.


Rustler’s Moonface, with Hyperion or Jakobs stock and Jakobs grip.

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