Best prefix for the hail?

I’m looking to get my hands on a shock hail for my Gaige, but I have no idea what the best prefix for the hail is. Anyone mind filling me in?

Here you go:

Look under the “Primary Weapon” heading. Rabid gives you the highest overall DPS with the right parts.


Further to that, that particular barrel negates the usual downfall of that particular accessory : noticeable decrease in accuracy. ( for example that same accessory on a Torgue is “Wild”, which will completely ruin an Ogre ).

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Awesome! Thanks for the help guys/gals. Guess I get to gun run bandit slaughter, and mission farm for what will inevitably feel like an eternity before I finally get the right one.

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What level are you at? Unless you’re looking for an absolute max level version, the sapping prefix (shock, no accessory) is adequate for most things.

All my characters are OP8, so I’m gonna need a rabid one with a vladof grip. I’m running bandit slaughter on my gunzerker at the moment. Doing it at OP8 is a pain in the ass though, and just because I know someones going to ask, I’m on Ps3.

Don’t get one with a sight…

Kinda blocks your upward peripheral vision which is kinda essential for that gun.

I actually like the Expansive version because of the larger mags but truly

ANY Hail is a great Hail once you learn to employ it…

Split bullets
High Rate of Fire
High Crit damage (Best Crit damage for an AR in the game I believe)

And you get crits by headsots mostly…and this thing drops it in…right on the head!

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Noted. I haven’t even finished Bandit Slaughter yet though, so I’m not even in the process of farming yet. Got irritated during round 4, and quit.

I get that way all the time…LOL

Digistruct Peak and the Assassin arena is the one that pisses me off the most.

You work your way there and it takes a good 30 minutes…

Only to get the randomest spawns that never are the same (it seems)…

and if you die…you have to start the entire level over again. I guess that’s the “challenge” of it…but jeeeez!

I just walk away from the game for a few days…then I am fine.

Bandit slaghter: Round 5 = complete. Now to farm for what will feel like an eternity before I finally get the right hail.


Vladof grip

Usually Rabid is just meh since it really messes with your accuracy, but the hail has a weird shooting pattern and is almost unaffected by that, so you kinda just get free damage and fire rate :slight_smile:


You forgot Moxxi healing and 80% splash :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, it has the highest crit bonus of all ARs

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I know. Already took a look at the chart in the link VH101 gave me. Gonna be a while before I actually get one though (especially since I’m looking for a shock one specifically) with my luck.

The splash is what makes it so SXC on Axton :slight_smile:

It is gimmicky as hell…but once you learn how to drop that hose in on their heads…

It’s just YOWSERS!

And How could I forget the Moxxi healing…thanks Chuck!

And it gets Axton’s grenade damage bonuses in the splash…which is already good! IIRC

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At mid-range, you can bounce the shots off the floor into their faces. Fun times!

How does Velocity at 11/5 and Precision at 5/5 affect this gun??

Makes it even better?

Or screws it up?

The trajectory is a LOT flatter I would think.

Screws it up IMO, but that’s totally debatable

If I remember right, the bullet will go farther…but also higher, to the point where you will probably lose it to the top of your screen.
I personally wouldn’t touch Velocity

Precision might have just as much effect as the Rabid prefix (i.e. almost none)


Here, good example of what faster bullets do to it: