Best Purple Adaptive shield anyone has found?

I have two I fluctuate with…

What is the best one you use??

Cap 21000
Recharge 4100
Delay 3.78
Resistance 61%
Maliwan Body
Maliwan Battery
Bandit Capacitor

Cap 24000
Recharge 3800
Delay 2.3
Resistance 43%
Dahl Body
Bandit Battery
Hyperion Capacitor

The parts are based on my experience from the shield parts guides in BL2…so I may be wrong on a part or two…

I haven’t even found a purple adaptive shield yet. I’ve been running a Haymaker for the higher shield capacity at the moment because the Reogenator has such as low capacity. Other than that, I’ve only seen white adaptive shields unfortunately.

There is no best I’d say. Depending on parts, you either get a huge capacity, a super fast recharge delay, a nicely high recharge rate, a nicely high resistance or a huge HP boost at the cost of all the other specs being low.

Maliwan parts will result in the highest resistance but the capacity and recharge rate will suck.
Anshin parts will give the highest capacity but the resistance will be the worst etc.

Which factor is most important to you for your purple adaptive shield?

Actually, Anshin gives the second highest capacity behind Pangolin, and the third highest resistance behind Maliwan and Hyperion. The problem is its slow shield recharge rate and delay.

So in your mind, what is the best compromise you have seen. Basically the highest combination of capacity recharge rate and delay as well as resistance.

I’m thinking that resistance is probably the least important especially if you have at least one point in the skill like hazmat to offset the different percentages

The resistance is not damage resistance it is elemental resistance and there is a clear difference I believe

The Hippocratic shield that I posted in the original post is close to ideal except for a lousy delay.

I’d narrow it down to Dahl, Tediore, and Vladof. My pick would be Tediore since Shield Capacity is easier to increase than the other factors.

Vladof: Capacity (1), Recharge Rate (2), Recharge Delay (3), Resistance (2)
Dahl: Capacity (2), Recharge Rate (3), Recharge Delay (1), Resistance (3)
Tediore: Capacity (3), Recharge Rate (1), Recharge Delay (2), Resistance (1)

If you’re interested in greater Resistance then Hyperion>Maliwan because of it’s significantly better Shield Delay.

Correct. And you must have a partial shield (>0) for it to be active.

I agree with whoever said, best is completely subjective.

However, there is one part that probably everyone can agree on. The higher the elemental resist, the better. Since I always go for high health builds, the higher the HP boost the better.

Though a high recharge delay is definitely a major bust, even if it has high resistance and HP buff.

So the question really boils down to Resistance?

I’m just not so sure how valuable that stat is in comparison to the other three.

I mean is there a real perceivable difference between 61% Resistance versus say 43%

Whilst Delay and Recharge …man…you can feel that difference!

And Cap is obvious…

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